Danielle and Ali

Today I had my video shoot with Danielle, working with her sister Ali for the first time in a production. We missed some excellent, beautiful weather by one day. Instead it was overcast early this morning, and then we had to put up with thunderstorms interrupting our scenes. But we managed to muddle through to put together what should be a fun little summertime story.

When I met the girls outside the location, I was immediately struck by the resemblance of the twins in their facial features. You can tell they are definitely sisters, a relationship that is the underlying theme this narrative. Ali was happy to play the part of the dominating sibling, and I enjoyed having her as part of this project. Obviously the two were comfortable performing with one another. That made for a pretty easy time in directing their actions.

Now the latter half of the video does move to a larger, public park setting. It’s a beautiful spot near the water and has many sports attractions. Unfortunately, this is also where we had some of the most difficulty braving the rain. So while I was unable to take still photos with my camera, we did capture some exciting bits. Of note, Danielle was spotted running completely naked between buildings. If the weather had cooperated, we would have certainly explored further. This location has a lot of untapped potential, and we plan to return at a later date.

For now, here are some photos to tease, which only scratch the surface of what to expect in the finished video.







2 responses to “Danielle and Ali

    • Yes, this is the first time I have had Danielle put on the Hello Kitty panties. They were pulled out before in her “Double Booked” video, but did not wear them then.

      She looks cute!

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