Twin Trouble

Danielle and Ali are sisters with a history of teasing one another and engaging in sibling rivalry. In this video, Ali challenges her twin’s athletic ability and proposes she can make her swing and miss the ball with her bat three times. If Ali can strike out her sister, then Danielle must do whatever she says. Of course, things do not go as Danielle had hoped, and consequences are paid.

As I mentioned previously, this production now marks the tenth time Danielle as appeared in a video. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that record-breaking distinction.

I also want to make a reference to the previous “Little Sister” video I produced with Sandra and Maya in 2013. While the two of them played their respective parts very well, and visually were a good match, I absolutely love the authenticity that Danielle and Ali bring, being actual sisters.

In the opening establishing scene, it will be noticed that the sky appears to be showing signs of clearing up. Unfortunately, throughout the day, things took a turn for the worse. We were able to shoot the first part of Danielle and Ali verbally sparring. And then it started to rain lightly. So we moved into the house, with the intention of shooting the later indoor scene. But just like that, the rain stopped. So we went back out and proceeded to shoot Ali pitching to Danielle.

It was after we did the bedroom scene and were discussing how to shoot the next stage that would involve public nudity, when the thunder rolled in and the skies opened up. So we waited, and waited a little bit more. Finally, the three of us decided to head out in the rain and wait someplace else. We drove around the park that we would end up using and prepared to carry on with the shoot. While it is true that the length of the video was compromised because of the weather, and other circumstances, I do think Danielle looks really hot running around wet and naked!

The music for this production was provided by Peanuth O’Toole. He titled the track “Stunt Double”, which is featured at the beginning as well as the end credits. It has an electronic, 80’s style synthesizer vibe going on. I also reprised Peanuth’s baseball theme during Ali’s decisive pitch to Danielle. For those who remember, this was originally part of Danielle’s “Higher Education” video, so I liked the thread of continuity. Of course, I also broke out the guitar riff I have used before that signifies when a girl is about to get the advantage over another. Here, it heralds Ali’s first onscreen appearance.

Running over 13 minutes, I split the video into two parts. The break occurs because of narrative reasons, ending just as the girls are about to leave the house. In fact I was pleased with the pacing of the first half, the build-up and dynamic between the two sisters, which is central to the story. If I could have squeezed out another 3 minutes at the park for the second half, it would have been perfect. However, to capture three useable minutes on camera can feel like an eternity. And when Danielle was caught naked by someone at one of the buildings she was running toward, we decided to head back home. Not to mention the rain. It really was pouring down.

Her amusing reaction afterward will be showcased in the outtakes clip.

The full video is available at my clips4sale store.




11 responses to “Twin Trouble

  1. Again a really great work, i can not believe that it give this beautifully woman twice. I think Danielle and Ali are with sativa the most beutifully woman with whom you have work till now, i hope that some day you can bring this three together.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you very much! I think for her first time in a video, Ali did good. She is perhaps even more natural than Danielle. Although it is interesting to me to see how Danielle starts out a little stiff with her lines, and then gets better into the second part. She finishes strong, that has been her pattern.

      I would love to get them to work with a more experienced actress like Sativa.

      Glad you enjoyed this one!

    • I addressed that in my subsequent post “Upcoming Video” referring specifically to this one. For now, I decided on holding off releasing directly to my store.

      I realized there is so much ugliness in this world, I need to keep doing what I’m doing, bringing truth and beauty to the internet.

  2. Thank you for posting one more video. I’ve always told you that you need to be making money from your videos, not giving them away. I will continue to purchase them from Clips4sale. Keep up the good work.

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  6. Maybe you don´t know about it or it´s useless to tell you because it´s the internet, but your video “Twin Trouble” is on

    I´m a huge fan of your work and wanted to let you know about this.

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