Quote of the Day

“I’m being chased through the woods by a bear. This day can’t get any worse.”

~Monique from Late for Work

In reviewing this video again, I find that Monique did not add much in way of improvising or ad-libbing dialogue. But when it came time to deliver this particular line, her tone was wonderfully dry and sarcastic, expressing an amused sense of disbelief. She conveys the absurdity of the situation, having run into a patch of woods losing all her clothes in the process. And on top of that, apparently the sounds of a forest carnivore are on her heels. Rather than react with terror, this is played up for the comedic effect.



24 responses to “Quote of the Day

    • Hi Stryke,

      I haven’t talked to Monique in a while. My understanding is that she is not interested on doing these types of videos. But if she changed her mind, sure, I would love to work with her.

      • Hi, I have not decided yet about my next project. I was thinking about reaching out to Jackie. But I’m also considering finding someone new. Only because it has been a while since I featured a model who has never been seen before. And that is always exciting.

        But I have not made that decision yet.

    • Actually, I would think most of the models are still active. It is the exception in cases like Monique, and perhaps I would add Shira Arielle and Suzann. But even then, the type of inactivity I am talking about is them not wanting to do naked videos. They might very well still be pursuing other projects.

    • Yes, somewhat. I’m planning on sharing something for the 10 year anniversary of Babysitting Without a Net’s DVD release. So I have that to prepare in the next couple of weeks.

    • Things are going well. I was contacted by Briella the other day. She is back around the area. In fact she wanted to shoot right after my last video with Danielle and Ali, but it was too soon. So I will probably set something up with her next.


  1. Please film a video that involves girls showering in a locker room, something like “Porky’s” or “Private School.” It could involve the girls clothes being stolen or the girls being filmed by someone else like a female classmate.

  2. I think I suggested something similar awhile ago. It was a female “soccer”, who are showering after winning the game, but the losers are not happy. The losers of course take the team’s uniform & the normal clothes of the winners. (Two sets of underwear.) Lots of hidden nudity behind sports equipment & trying to hide each other. Plus a large but impractical trophy (would it be funnier if its was a golf trophy rather than something like the Jules Rimet Trophy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIFA_World_Cup_Trophy#Jules_Rimet_Trophy ?).

    A series of camera flashes could hint/suggest press photographers capturing the action.

    I would cast Sativa, Briella, Constance, Sandra & Danielle as the winners. (Which is the tallest as she could have large goalie hands/gloves to hide behind.) & Jordana as maybe the referee, everybody hates/thinks there decisions are wrong, so why not prank her in a similar way. Maybe have the losers add a dye to the referee’s shower water. ;D

    Not sure who I would cast as the losers/villains.

    I am a big fan of beautiful women naked & wet.

    dru.pl/blog/sport/ (usual warnings about adult sites apply) Lots of ideas here.

    • That would be quite an ensemble. Sativa is probably the tallest in the group you named. It certainly sounds like it would be a wild affair, and very fun production.

      Danielle was naked and wet in my last video due to the rain, so I hope you enjoy that part.


  3. There are an endless number of scenarios that could be used for a girls locker-room/showering scene.
    Like I mentioned, you could have it that the girls clothes were stolen while they showered, or that a female classmate was filming them while they showered.

    When I was in high school no-one was made to take showers after gym class, but I was told by more than one girl in my gym classes that most of the girls did shower after gym. A lot of them wanted to shower, and many of the others reluctantly showered because they didn’t want to be called a baby by the other girls. From what I was told it was common for the girls to openly discuss while they showered which girls had the best tits, the best ass, the hairiest bush or the least hairy bush. I was told that the hotter girls liked the attention and compliments, but a lot of the other girls were highly embarrassed by it.

    If you search the internet for women discussing when they had to shower in gym class, you will find some good stories about things like having to open their towel up to their female teacher to prove that they were really naked and really had showered. You might find some BS stories along the way, but a lot of the stories appear to be the truth.

    Women who have their own (regular, non-sexually based blog) are the most likely to have true stories about being naked in front of other girls and female teachers in gym class.

    On another note: Will you be getting Danielle’s sister Ali naked in any future videos?

    • Have you (John) read (fiction) “School Grounds Ch. 04” literotica.com/s/school-grounds-ch-04 & “Cynthia’s Submission Ch. 12” literotica.com/s/cynthias-submission-ch-12 3 pages by the same writer, about 2 different submissive female teachers (with her adult boyfriend in control & a 18 year old female pupil encharge). All the normal warning about adult websites apply & these stories should not be read by anyone easily offended (& or under 18) – especially the second story.

      Plus I think Helmhood has already answered the question about Ali – but hopefully she will change her mind in the future. narrowmindedproductions.wordpress.com/2015/08/01/outtakes-video-twin-trouble/

    • Unfortunately, Ali is not likely to get naked in future videos. But your shower scene idea is an interesting perspective. That is, confident girls and girls who are embarrassed around others. I could definitely see working those two personality differences between characters in a video. Usually it would end with both girls locked out and embarrassed, even if one of them normally likes the attention.

      The there’s also the old, push the girl out of the locker room into the hallway prank. That could be used for a prolonged segment of one-sided nudity. I know a girl that happened to.

  4. I don’t want to seem like a pest as this is the third post of the day.

    But do you have any plans for the real trio of mother daughter & her 2 daughters. Constance Perl, Kylee Rain (Height: 5′ 5″ model mayhem) and Briella Jaden (Height: 5′ 6″ model mayhem). I am not suggesting anything weird. http://kurtkrueger.deviantart.com/art/Constance-Perl-Kylee-Rain-and-Briella-Jaden-335137602

    I did have an idea.

    You must be aware of the Japanese videos in an alternate universe where it is normal for all the female characters (all over 18) to be bottomless (apart from shoes) or topless (apart from a “school”/college scarf/tie as part of the uniform). (Male characters are always full clothed.) Sometimes they compare & contrast our reality with one or both of them (rarely/not often enough the fourth where the ladies are completely naked). What if during these comparisons the characters & universe “rules” about clothing stayed the same, expect suddenly (because of the switching between realities) one female character loses her clothes from the waist up & another female loses her clothes (not her shoes as she would notice her height change) – it would be up to others to notice this. Lots of embarrassment & attempts to cover up with whatever is available as the missing items have completely disappeared.

    To complete the story in the other universes/realities everybody would be freaked out by the fact that these women are now wearing these “strange” items – not referred to as “clothes” as they have never existed before in that reality.

    • You are never a pest, ha ha. I am familiar with some of the bizarre stories the Japanese come up with for their ENF, even their great comics. It can be a wonderful inspiration. The would be a lot of fun to pull something off like your idea, although I’m not sure I would do it with that trio.

      I always thought Briella was the jewel of the family.

  5. helmhood.

    I assume that you would never be able to have an auditorium full of spectators. But there was a movie in the late 1970’s called “Gas Pump Girls,” there’s a scene where a bunch of high school girls are on stage during graduation. Their robes get ripped off of them and they are topless in front of everyone. Most of the girls are embarrassed by it, and they try to cover up as fast as they can. But one of the girls is surprised to find that she enjoyed being seen naked by the boys in the audience.

    A story line where the girls are showering and their clothes get stolen while they shower could end up with the girls accidentally walking out on stage while they’re naked and looking for something to cover up with.

    They could say something to each other like that there are band uniforms kept in the closest next to the auditorium stage, and that they need to go get them. As they try to get the uniforms they accidentally walk out on to the stage naked in front of a lot of students and teachers

    There would still be the matter of how to get the girl/s who stole the clothes naked themselves?

    Some of the girls could enjoy being naked in front of everyone, while some of the others might be embarrassed by it?

    By the way, I loved Briella in the one where she was naked at the new school.

    I don’t know if they are true or not? But I have read stories that supposedly back in the 60’s and 70’s when they used to have boys and girls have separate gym and swimming classes in high schools, the girls were told that if they forgot their bathing suit more than three times in one semester that they would just do swimming class nude on the day that they forgot their bathing suit since there weren’t any boys in the pool-room at the time. Most of the girls made sure to never forget their bathing suit. But supposedly on rare occasions a girl forgot her suit enough times that she had to swim nude for a day.

    I’ve always liked scene that are somewhat of a reversal of the normal CFNF/ENF scenes. In other words, where it is the naked girl that enjoys being seen naked by other girls, but the clothed girl is embarrassed by seeing the naked girl. It’s hard to find those types of scenes, though. One example of that is in a movie called “Ring Of Fire.” Lisa Saxton is the naked and confident girl. Maria Ford is the clothed and embarrassed girl.

  6. I am having problems logging in to OCC. Others are having this problem as there is thread about it.

    I have even tried resetting my password.

  7. Still problems with OCC.

    I saw this bikerbloke.deviantart.com/art/Hostages-457666881 & thought it might be great for embarrassment if a female character needed to be tied up. Hello Kitty.(?) ;D


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