10 Year Anniversary

On October 1, 2005, I officially released the DVD for my independent film Babysitting Wihout a Net.

However, before then, I had a raw edit version of the first half of the film. Back when we completed principle photography in New York, we still had to shoot out the final classroom scene in Los Angeles later that May. While I was there for the final production wrap, I was also able to spend time with the editing facility. They were already working on the first part of the film and I took home a copy of their progress up to that point.

The significance of this copy is that it contains many lines and frames from existing scenes, which did not make it into the finished DVD. I once reviewed to make a record of the changes, but there are probably dozens to count. These were mostly cut to improve the pacing as it extends the opening vignette quite a bit in comparison with the subsequent chapters. So rather than string together these isolated bits, I am for the first time making the raw edit available for download.

To be clear, this is still considered a rough cut of the film, before the finishing color correction and with limited sound design. It goes from the start of the film up until the outside scene with Amy and Louise plotting to concoct a drink for Laura-Ann. Omitted in this version is the musical interlude with Laura-Ann cleaning up the house in the nude, and the moments afterward when the girls are picked up for their ride home. This does end with a fun second cheerleader routine Louise performs, which was unfortunately cut from the final film.

These videos represent the closest thing to “outtakes” from Babysitting Without a Net. Again, it is not so much flubbed lines or other behind the scenes moments, but rather a collection of dialogue that simply wasn’t used.

I have divided the video into two parts. The first video runs about 10 and a half minutes, all part of the opening scenario. The second video is a little over 12 minutes, and does include Laura-Ann being undressed, the cookie-baking scene, and the portion just before the doctors and patient game.

So to mark this memorable occasion, both files can be download at the links below:

Babysitting Without a Net – Rough Cut part 1

Babysitting Without a Net – Rough Cut part 2




19 responses to “10 Year Anniversary

    • Forever! This counts as the outtakes video for this film, just like my other productions.

      I know it might seem like a lot, but the full film is 40 minutes. And these clips have a lot of extra lines that make it seem longer than the actual available content. Also, this is no replacement for the finished film that is more polished and includes all the best nudity and scenes.

  1. A great movie and a first for our genre. Do you think it was one of the first serious shots at making a relatively big budget movie of an internet based character/storyline?

    • I think it was one of the first. But when I started visiting Indian Outlaw’s in 1998, I remember reading about the movie “The Invisible Dirty Old Man”. I’m not sure if that would count.

      But as for a film specific to an internet character from the genre, this project was a direct result of the other Ann Berrybush movie, which had problems and I wasn’t happy where the producers were going with it. I would love to see more films based in icons like Jenny or Mindy, etc.

  2. Pretty sexy. And funny. I have BWAN on DVD but thank you for the supplement my friend. By all means, keep up the good work.

    • Thank you very much, Mike.

      I still think DVD is the best way to watch this film. These rough cuts offer some extra bits that simply did not make it into the final release.

      By no means are they a replacement for the first half in terms of quality and content. I’m hoping this gives some people a fresh look and introduces the film to them ten years later.

  3. There were no real bloopers from the actresses? I’m surprised they didn’t flub there lines or laugh with what they had to do. Is there any way to get the full film digitally in HD? This is the best film of its kind. You should consider making a new one.

    • Hi,

      Since I didn’t do the editing for this myself, I don’t have any of the extraneous film that shows them laughing between takes, of when they messed up a line. I’m sure by now, the files used for assembling the film are no longer with the editor. All I have is the DVD, which is what I used to create the digital video files, and of course this rough cut.


  4. I just examined the part in the cookie bake scene where Monica’s panties are pulled off from behind – and this one is clearly different from the DVD version. Interesting stuff.

    I wondered: your later work includes a lot of soft spanking. Now, in that brilliant scene when Monica is completely naked for the first time and Yara says “Now, do as you’re told”, Yara gives a slap on Monica’s behind, but it appears to be a mis hit – not on Monica’s butt but more on the thigh.

    Was that deliberate – did Monica refuse to be hit on her butt? I assume anyone watching that scene would have loved it if Yara would have given Monica a good, hard slap on the butt 🙂

    • Hi Ronny,

      Good catch on the cookie baking scene. I know there were multiple takes involved, so indeed we later went back and used and alternate shot for the final build of the film.

      Regarding the spanking, good question. I think it was more on Yara’s part, not being someone used to giving a spanking, so was more of a half-hearted slap. The positioning of the actors could have also contributed, with Monica facing from the side as it is.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  5. I think this version of Elise pulling off Monica’s panties is even better.

    Do you know more movies or scenes in movies that are comparable to Babysitting Wihout a Net? One that I think is very strong is the scene in “Unbearable lightness of being” where Juliette Binoche’s pants are pulled down by a woman who is sitting on top of her.

    • Unbearable Lightness is a classic, that whole scene is so sexy with Juliette photographing the other woman, and then she turns the tables and strips her as well. Juliette’s character was so shy.

      Off the top of my head, I can’t think of too many that have a specific pantsing scene. Maybe some teen comedies, I’m sure somewhere it must happen.

    • All of the editing and post-production took place in Los Angeles, California. We banged out the classroom scene in one day, a few weeks after the rest of the shooting that was in New York. I went out there for the filming of the classroom scene, and while I was there I picked up a copy of the rough edit from the first half of the film, which they had been working on.

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