Late October Update

Hey everyone,

I wanted to make an update post because it seems like nothing has been happening for a while.

As I mentioned in previous comments, a few weeks ago I had been in touch with Briella. I was planning to set up a video shoot some time this month around her schedule. However, she was never able to coordinate getting out to my area. So that will have to be on hold for now.

In the meantime, I am excited to report that yesterday I picked up a new car. Knowing that I was going to be making the purchase is another reason I did not pursue the next video project more aggressively. It is more likely that I will plan for November.

I wonder who will be the first naked lady to be photographed in the latest Narrow-minded Mobile!


Speaking of which, here is a shot of Briella getting her ass into my black old car.

I believe that helped the trade-in value!


Stay tuned!

4 responses to “Late October Update

    • That’s true. But I already learned my lesson. Remember the Pontiac Grand Am that I used in the Narrow-minded Mobile video? I had paid off that car, and thought “great, no more payments!” And proceeded to drive it into the ground until I bought that black one afterward. This time, as soon as the payments were up, I moved into the new car right away. Best decision I could make. Especially in this business, I can’t say enough about having a nice dependable vehicle that never has any trouble.


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