Aphrodite’s Car Ride

After making my recent post about my new car, I decided it was time for a preview clip. This one highlights my former automobile and perhaps its most memorable event when Aphrodite was driven around, sitting in the passenger seat completely naked. The clip comes from her video Anatomy of a Dare. It has been three and a half years since that production, so I hope viewing this scene will be new to some people.

Of course the full video runs over 24 minutes, spread out across three fun-filled segments. So I don’t mind sharing this 4 and a half minute preview clip. Hopefully it might spark some interest in watching (or re-watching) the whole thing.

What I enjoyed here was the idea of keeping her totally nude. She seems relaxed for the most part, but when I mentioned driving into town, that gets a nervous little reaction from the curvy cutie. There are amusing back and forth exchanges between us. Half the time, I didn’t understand what she was saying, or else I was distracted trying to keep my eyes on the road while recording her on camera.

I think celebrating this clip again seems a fitting farewell to the last vehicle, and a reminder of the possibilities for more auto-related photography moving forward.


Aphrodite’s Naked Car Ride


6 responses to “Aphrodite’s Car Ride

    • There are some girls, like Aphrodite I think, who get into modeling for fun and I guess to earn a bit of extra cash. As things in life change, boyfriends or a new job, snooping family members, they suddenly regret having naked photos all over the internet. I’m not saying that is exactly the case with Aphrodite, but I don’t believe she is still active, and I had the sense she might not be comfortable with her gratuitous nudity available. I’d love to find out otherwise.

      Models like Sativa Verte or Jackie Stevens are serious professionals, who have been doing this kind of work for many years. They treat this like a business. I never have to worry about them, and they take an active interest in these projects.

      I might consider searching for another full figured girl to work with again.

  1. If you do a “sequel” could the actress/model strip of in a public car park, put all her clothes into the boot/trunk & then get into the car.

    • I like that, it’s a fun idea. I’ve also wanted to play with a “car trouble” theme. A woman who breaks down, pops open the hood and goes through a series of wardrobe misfortunes causing her to gradually rip or strip her clothes.

      I’ll wait for the warm weather to be out in a car park again.


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