Hiding Behind a Sign

I stumbled across this clip again, and was reminded how much I enjoy the premise of a girl using a poster-board or some kind of sign to cover her nudity. This comes from the kids sketch comedy “You Can’t Do that on Television” that aired on Nickelodeon in the early 1980’s. I remember watching this episode, and now thinking back, Christine McGlade was always so cute. Her dark curly hair kind of reminds me of Sativa.

I am certain this scene would have a subliminal influence on me later down the road.



Pre-Thanksgiving Update

I was in contact with Briella Jaden last night. She is going to be in the New York City area toward the end of the first week of December. We are coordinating right now a time for her to come out here for a video shoot.

I have a fun little idea for a project, with consideration that we will likely be unable to arrange outdoor photography. And I will probably include a short holiday themed promotional clip as well.

Since I don’t have anything new to share at the moment, I will take this moment to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Those of us who live free have much to be thankful for.

Stay tuned!


Two rare Briella photos

I was going through my files, and I came across two photos with Briella and Kylee that I did not share previously. These were from the video shoot we did in Febrary 2012. The timing is interesting, because that was just before I started this site, so I don’t think I had posted these anywhere else. If I did, I certainly had not yet uploaded them here anyway. At the time, I was less than happy with the way these photos came out, and there were three other photos that I used to promote the video. But I think now is fine to re-examine these particular images.

It’s kind of fun to see Briella when she had long hair. The first photo, has her leaning in, her eyes turned up in an almost “Are you serious?” expression. Kyle nearby with the ruler is a little foreshadowing when she gives the student a playful smack in the video. Also, she should have been turning her attention to Briella, instead of making direct eye contact with the camera. It was the initial photo I took with them that night.

In the second photo, I captured a nice full body view of Briella standing slightly behind the teacher. But her eyes apparently closed when I snapped the picture. Also, I never cared for the pose with her wrists together and fingers curled to clutch at the sides of her face. It would have been better, I think, if she had fully covered her mouth in a shocked reaction.

This set up in the classroom also reminded me how it had been a bit of a hassle to organize with the school. They actually required me to go through the process of obtaining insurance paperwork even for the few hours I had booked. That’s why when I tried to use a campus facility again with Danielle and met resistance, we just decided to sneak around at the location.

Currently I am waiting to see what materializes with a new video shoot. More recently, the returning models have contacted me when they are available to work, and that’s how things were arranged. I haven’t had to put out a casting call in a while. Once there is some news to share, I’ll post an update.