2015 Year in Review

It is time to wrap up and look back at the year of 2015. Just because there was a slowdown in video production, doesn’t mean we can’t take a moment to appreciate the ones that were released over the past twelve months.

Important to note is that the year started off in earnest when I worked with Danielle in January. We were already talking about possible upcoming shoots when in February, dailymotion decided to delete an enormous amount of user accounts and content. I mentioned at the time this would have a negative impact, and unfortunately this action contributes to an internet climate where I’m not motivated to go out of my way to work on something new. Having said that, I am scheduled to shoot next week and that video will be for 2016. We will see what the new year brings.

Now with that out of the way, I thought I would also try something different instead of selecting a Video of the Year. I will run down the three titles below, which feature Danielle and Briella. Then in tomorrow’s post, I will have the two ladies go head to head, in a poll to determine the viewer’s choice for Model of the Year.

  1. Musical Thoughts

The lovely brunette Danielle returned for a new solo video, after recently being featured alongside her friend Elena. In this video, I did have her interacting with a character behind the camera as she plays a college student struggling with her music history course. The tutor session turns into a game of strip quiz, where she has to remove a piece of clothing for each wrong answer. This leads to Danielle leaving the dorm room in an embarrassing state.


2. The Boss is Back

Briella returns after about two and a half years between videos. She plays the part of an office receptionist with enthusiasm, while her character is reluctantly talked out of her clothes by a friend on the telephone. The story stretches over a long strip-tease in the first half and then full outdoor nudity as the playful blonde ventures out of the building. But when she returns, Briella is in for a little surprise.


3. Twin Trouble

Finally, Danielle was able to team up with her sister Ali, and together they perform an art imitates life episode of sibling rivalry. In this case, Ali wins a contest by striking out her sister, and then causes a series of embarrassing forfeits. This includes sending Danielle out in the rain in nothing but a pair of childish panties, before she loses those as well.



2 responses to “2015 Year in Review

    • True, but sometimes it is about the quality more than the quantity. I was happy to make contact with Briella again, as well as spend time with Danielle. And finally get to meet her sister and put them in a video together. That was worthwhile.

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