Poll: 2015 Model of the Year

For this year’s viewer participation, I am going to put Briella and Danielle head to head against one another. It will be a clash of the slim and sexy, of blonde versus brunette. Each have their sets of tattoos and attractive features, while bringing their unique personality to a production.

Ideally, consideration for Model of the Year should be based on their respective performances in 2015. However I understand both girls have an established body of work and their own following of fans. So if you want to vote based solely on who your favorite model is, that is fine.

As always, the point of the poll is to have fun. Use whatever criteria you like to judge the ladies, whether on acting performance, the quality of a video, various parts of their anatomy, etc. It is all a valid choice to make.

At the beginning of next year, we will find out which lady to crown in adoration.


6 responses to “Poll: 2015 Model of the Year

  1. It would be amazing to bring Sativa Verte back… I miss her videos.
    What about a remake of Salad au natural?? In my opinion, Sativa is the greatest actress Narrow Minded Productions ever had. She is not only an amazing actress, she’s also a porn actress.
    I think it would be incredible if you added a little bit of “porn” in a future video (I mean, something like a masturbation scene, she’d be stunning doing that!)

    • Hi Paco,

      I don’t think there is any dispute that Sativa is the best actress I have ever featured in these videos. The door is always open for her to return when she comes up to visit. As far as remakes of previous videos, I think I would rather do something like play off the idea. So maybe a continuation of Salad, or exploring the concept of removing clothes for some kind of service, in another location.


  2. I have had an idea for a sequel/follow up to “Nice Girls Finish Last” https://narrowmindedproductions.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/nice-girls-finish-last/ for a while now.

    Sativa’s character has to give a speech in front of her colleges/friends & is still very upset/affected by the events of ngfl. She decides to go to a therapist that has been recommended to her. The therapist is also a hypnotherapist.

    The therapist looks familiar – but it can’t be – Katy Cee.

    There are lots of hypno videos on the internet so there is no shortage of ideas/suggestions. But I would add the twist that Katy Cee’s character makes Sativa’s character think that she been hypnotised into thinking she is not really experiencing the events that are really happening, but is still in a “safe environment” like the therapist “private” office trying out the speech like “Town Hall” https://narrowmindedproductions.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/town-hall/

    Hopefully the above makes sense – but I have checked it (including spell checking it) that I have confused myself.

    • I was fortunate to work with Kerri a few years ago in my video “The Rules”. We had tried to set up shoots before, yet there was always some difficulty coordinating our schedules. For example, she was offered a part in Jenna at the Beach. I also tried to get her for To Catch a Thief, but again she was not able to make it. So while I would enjoy working with her again, it has not been something easy to plan.

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