December Video Shoot

I had a video shoot with Briella Jaden earlier this week. For this one, we returned to the location that we first used in 2011. This at least evens the playing field in the competition between her and Danielle as it now marks the second time we worked together this year. The resulting material will be broken down into two releases, accordingly:

The first is a shorter holiday-themed promotional clip, which I will share on the 25th of December.

Then the longer video production will be available at the start of the New Year, right after the first of the month.

Here are some photos to preview with in the meantime.









12 responses to “December Video Shoot

  1. Hi Helmhood I’m anxious to see this new video. 🙂

    I also wanted to know, You’re back writing a new history of Jenna?

    I would like to read a new adventure.

    • Hi MCEnf,

      Thank you, and I hope you will like this one with Briella. There will be a short clip first at the end of next week, and then later I will post the longer video.

      I have to look, there were a few stories I had written recently. I can probably post them to the Embarrassing Situations yahoo group.

      • Yes please, just yesterday I read the story called Where is Jeena?

        Great Story.

        I hope you post new stories. Thank you so much

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