Mid-January Video Shoot

I was spending time with Briella this week, and I am working a new video that will be scheduled to release for February.

Now this one is going to be a little different in its construction. Because the weather was freezing outside and the room we were in did not provide many interesting story possibilities, instead I created a series of short scenes or vignettes. These are silly and entertaining, and meant to focus on experimental themes with props and poses. But it does not form one coherent narrative. This is more like a sketch production.

Every now and then I like to take a break from trying to come up characters and drawn-out situations. This was a perfect opportunity to just have some fun, especially with the quick turnaround from our shoot last month. I should probably start thinking about a more developed script with multiple girls, but that will likely be in the Spring.

In the meantime, here are some photos to tease with.

Stay tuned!










Outtakes Video: Do Not Disturb

I have put together a clip of outtakes from my recent video with Briella Jaden. For the most part, I have included the parts where I gave her direction, and she had a cute reaction. Or where she just looks nice while the camera was rolling. A couple of spots that were genuine takes not used, the first time she tries push the Santa teddy bear face down on the table, she sent him flying. Also, that bit at the end of the full video when she was stripping in the back seat of my car ended abruptly because a light came on outside, and it appeared we would get caught. Here, I have more of Briella’s response, and how I stopped recording there. Of course I would have gone further with her had we not been disturbed. I love the irony, given the theme of this video.

While I was working in post-production, it occurred to me that this could have been the type of story I used the canned laugh track in the background. Since most of it revolves around the apartment setting, I was reminded of those sitcoms that centered on a focal point in a house, usually the living room. The silly nature of the content and its absurd premise would have fit well with pushing this as a mock situational comedy. But I think my previous videos where I did this, I had comments that a laugh track felt like a distraction.

Also, due to the narrative element of answering the door, I missed an opportunity to use the “key-hole” transition effect that I might have worked between scenes. I added it here in the outtakes clip, when I switch to the part where Briella is by the sofa.

Again, for the music, I feature Peanuth O’Toole’s track “Do Not Disturb” and the alternate version at the end.

The clip runs about 5 minutes, and can be downloaded at the link below.

Outtakes – Do Not Disturb





Do Not Disturb

Briella Jaden returns home from a New Year’s party, and exhausted, she wants to only drop down on her bed and fall asleep. After getting changed out of her dress, she eventually drifts off on top of the sheets and pillows. Unfortunately, the young woman’s slumber is interrupted by a knock at the door. Not just once, but multiple times Briella is forced to crawl out of bed to answer these troublesome solicitors. Only too late, she realizes that she has exposed herself to strangers in the process.

For this video, I returned to the location where I first worked with Briella in 2011. It’s not exactly the same room, but close enough. More importantly, it is type of set up with the kitchenette and living area, making it easier to pass off as a studio apartment.

Again, the idea is that Briella’s character changes into a skimpy t-shirt only, and then answers the door like that after falling asleep. Unawareness of her bottomless state is played up for her clueless attitude and later embarrassment when she suddenly comprehends. The implication is that time has passed since she first fell asleep, and it is likely the next morning but she is in a complete daze.

What I enjoyed in this production is Briella’s range of emotions. She goes from her usual silly, sexy self to then expressing frustration and even anger. It may be the first time I had a character of hers get really mad. And in some spots, her groans of annoyance reminded me of how Amy or Sativa would react in similar situations.

When I was working at the beginning of editing, the tight red dress Briella starts out in along with her hair cut, gave me a bit of a Christina Applegate vibe. From her later years, when she had shorter hair. Maybe it’s not an entirely accurate reference, but that’s who I thought of.

Being constrained to the indoors, I was surprised how much material I was able to capture and put together. That seems to be a quality of Briella, she does not rush her takes. Even if she messes up a line, she usually does so in a way that’s funny or even useable for the final cut, within the context of her character. Sometimes I think you can see her working out thoughts slowly in her head, preparing for her performance.

The music tracks were composed by Peanuth O’Toole. A hard-hitting punkish rock theme shares the same title “Do Not Disturb”. He also provided an alternate version that starts where the drums kick in, which I use for the end credits.

The full video is almost 19 minutes and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.










2015 Model of the Year

Happy New Year! It is time to reveal the results from the poll in December. This was a head-to-head contest between two experienced models, and it was decided pretty early.

Danielle wins 2015 Model of the Year.

Over two hundred votes were cast. Danielle received 143 or 70.79% of the vote. Briella had 59 votes or 29.21% of the vote. I think we can call this a landslide.

Now to be fair, Briella did start to gather some steam toward the end. And fans will be delighted to know that there will be new Briella content available shortly.

I do think Danielle deserved to win. She appeared in two full videos, including the one with her sister, which a lot of people seemed to enjoy. The poor girl had to run naked in the rain in that one, so she should be recognized for her troubles! The big Briella video from June contained longer outdoor nudity, and it was a fun production, so I thought the results might have been closer.

As for Danielle, I spoke to her recently and so it should not be long before lining up a new project.

Stay tuned!