2015 Model of the Year

Happy New Year! It is time to reveal the results from the poll in December. This was a head-to-head contest between two experienced models, and it was decided pretty early.

Danielle wins 2015 Model of the Year.

Over two hundred votes were cast. Danielle received 143 or 70.79% of the vote. Briella had 59 votes or 29.21% of the vote. I think we can call this a landslide.

Now to be fair, Briella did start to gather some steam toward the end. And fans will be delighted to know that there will be new Briella content available shortly.

I do think Danielle deserved to win. She appeared in two full videos, including the one with her sister, which a lot of people seemed to enjoy. The poor girl had to run naked in the rain in that one, so she should be recognized for her troubles! The big Briella video from June contained longer outdoor nudity, and it was a fun production, so I thought the results might have been closer.

As for Danielle, I spoke to her recently and so it should not be long before lining up a new project.

Stay tuned!


3 responses to “2015 Model of the Year

  1. Just to let somebody know I have just found a photo of “Alison Angel” in a thread on OCC – nothing to do with this blog’s thread.

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