Mid-January Video Shoot

I was spending time with Briella this week, and I am working a new video that will be scheduled to release for February.

Now this one is going to be a little different in its construction. Because the weather was freezing outside and the room we were in did not provide many interesting story possibilities, instead I created a series of short scenes or vignettes. These are silly and entertaining, and meant to focus on experimental themes with props and poses. But it does not form one coherent narrative. This is more like a sketch production.

Every now and then I like to take a break from trying to come up characters and drawn-out situations. This was a perfect opportunity to just have some fun, especially with the quick turnaround from our shoot last month. I should probably start thinking about a more developed script with multiple girls, but that will likely be in the Spring.

In the meantime, here are some photos to tease with.

Stay tuned!










4 responses to “Mid-January Video Shoot

  1. I have seen the forecast for the East coat of the USA. You wish you were here.


    PS. the usual warnings about adult websites apply to the above link.

    • Yes, I’m snowed in for the weekend. The good news is that I get to work some more on the upcoming Briella video.

      And thanks for reminding me that I would rather be there!

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