Quote of the Day

“I’m completely naked now! I don’t have anything on me…”

~Amy Starr in Hacker


This 18 and a half minute video involves a drawn-out, gradual removal of Amy’s clothes as she is communicating remotely through online messages with her partner processing a covert transaction. The person on the other end has the young woman undress bit by bit while waiting for a download of sensitive information from an e-mail server. It doesn’t help that he has hacked into the heating system and raised the temperature in this already stifling location.

By the time Amy pulls off her socks, she reacts in frustration and annoyance, not to mention a little bewilderment that the unseen person has made comments about her wardrobe throughout.




Outtakes Video: Anthology

I have put together some outtakes and in between takes from my recent video featuring Briella Jaden. The full production, being neither the most brilliant storytelling or interesting environment, I think these extra bits show that it was just an overall fun shoot. Briella clearly enjoyed herself and had a good time with the props and scene concepts we experimented with.

One area that proved to be a challenge was getting her towel stuck in the door upon leaving the bathroom. After a couple of attempts, we decided to simply leave it behind, and I went with the locked door routine for that segment.

The clip runs about five minutes. Peanuth O’Toole’s rock track “Briella’s Naughty Bits” opens the video. For the end titles, which includes my store promotion, his “Cheap Commercial” music is used accordingly.

The video file can be downloaded at the link below:

Outtakes – Anthology






I have a new video featuring Briella Jaden. This one is a little different from our previous work, as instead of one overarching story, it strings together four separate and unrelated vignettes. These vary from silly and satirical, to an intense pleasurable experience.

For example, the first scene serves as a premise for getting Briella to strip out of her clothes before a shower. She then fusses with a towel that has trouble staying up. In the second sketch, I was inspired by a radio commercial I heard for Staples office supplies, and made a little parody. Then the third segment is just having some fun with an umbrella.

The fourth vignette has Briella already in bed after a visit to the dentist, and her character has a dream sequence… well, it involves tickling and a toothbrush.

Collectively, I am calling this production Anthology, which is of course simply a collection of stories or songs. I would have liked to get all four vignettes on one video, but the last part runs ten minutes and can stand on its own. So I have split that scene from the others.

Peanuth O’Toole provides all the music and sound design. I really enjoy how it ties everything together. The title track is named “Briella’s Naughty Bits”, which is appropriate, as the focus of this video is very much on her nudity. An alternate version of this track is called “Tooth Brush Dance” used at the start of the dentist episode. There is also a nice cascade of rain that leads into the umbrella scene, and some fitting music called “Cheap Commercial” accompanies the reprisal of Briella’s role as a secretary.

The full video runs 16 minutes, 52 seconds. It is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.