I have a new video featuring Briella Jaden. This one is a little different from our previous work, as instead of one overarching story, it strings together four separate and unrelated vignettes. These vary from silly and satirical, to an intense pleasurable experience.

For example, the first scene serves as a premise for getting Briella to strip out of her clothes before a shower. She then fusses with a towel that has trouble staying up. In the second sketch, I was inspired by a radio commercial I heard for Staples office supplies, and made a little parody. Then the third segment is just having some fun with an umbrella.

The fourth vignette has Briella already in bed after a visit to the dentist, and her character has a dream sequence… well, it involves tickling and a toothbrush.

Collectively, I am calling this production Anthology, which is of course simply a collection of stories or songs. I would have liked to get all four vignettes on one video, but the last part runs ten minutes and can stand on its own. So I have split that scene from the others.

Peanuth O’Toole provides all the music and sound design. I really enjoy how it ties everything together. The title track is named “Briella’s Naughty Bits”, which is appropriate, as the focus of this video is very much on her nudity. An alternate version of this track is called “Tooth Brush Dance” used at the start of the dentist episode. There is also a nice cascade of rain that leads into the umbrella scene, and some fitting music called “Cheap Commercial” accompanies the reprisal of Briella’s role as a secretary.

The full video runs 16 minutes, 52 seconds. It is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.








9 responses to “Anthology

  1. Again a great work from you and of course Briella (especially the “that umbrella tried to eat me” part, she is so cute when she plays angry). At the last seconds i had to think about a talk that it brings bad luck if you open an umbrella indoor, but it´s too funny to see her sexy walk down the corridor and speeding up as the doors opens when she was directly in front of it. It´s just sad that you can only see her feet thar, i would love to know how her facial expression was at that moment.

    • Hi Tom,

      Glad you liked the video! Yes, I enjoy angry Briella as well, I think that is her best character. Outside in the hallway, no surprise, I wasn’t able to shoot as long as I wanted before an interruption. I guess I had dropped the camera down when I scrambled to get back to the door. She really does have a natural shyness about being caught. If it is something risky, Briella gets excited about it.

      Thanks for downloading and watching!

  2. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats, and again, congrats. This is, by far, your best video. Congrats. The perfect mixture between erotism, covered nudity, embarrasment, and a little bit of spicy (meaning sex, lol). Those extreme close up shots are amazing. We even see her vagina being touched. Marvelous, really. I hope this is a new beginning in Narrowmindedproductions.
    Keep going, man! Thank you!!!

    • Thank you very much for you comments! Briella and I are able to get away with something like this because we have developed a comfortable working relationship by now. The bed scene was as much a result of wanting to try something new, which people would still enjoy. For me, what I liked best are the sounds she makes, her soft moans and giggles.

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