Preview Clip: Making a Memory

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

One of my favorite achievements in video was getting the stunning Amy Starr naked on the city streets during the day, just a couple of years ago. So I have decided to create a special preview clip from the production, Making a Memory, that highlights this scene. However, for this edition, I have captured it in slow motion and re-edited in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. The more dramatic version is appropriately accompanied by Peaunth O’Toole’s moving piano piece called “Musings on a Starr”.

It should be noted here, that unlike other risky outside scenes I have shot where the model had a friend acting as lookout or I kept an easy to slip on sundress for the model nearby, Amy simply runs out of the studio building stark nude. With no clothes available for covering, she proceeds down the sidewalk, even turning the corner to go further. Of course there were no people in the immediate area while we were shooting, but the threat of getting caught was very real. To this day, I am struck by the bravery of Amy’s public nudity here. It’s a classic, and worthy of being immortalized.

The 2 and a half minute clip can be downloaded at the link below:

Preview: Making a Memory





2 responses to “Preview Clip: Making a Memory

  1. Amy has been one of my all time favorites, and this moment is the one that shines. The fact her assets were naturally enhanced before shooting this video make her run a bit more enjoyable.

    • Yes, one thing I noticed right away running the clip at half speed, is the way her bottom jiggles. Amy is a slender woman, but she’s always had a nice full shape behind.

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