May Video Shoot

I am pleased to announce that Jackie Stevens returned to work with me today on our fourth video.

This also marks my first opportunity in 2016, to capture some long-awaited outdoor photography in a variety of locations. It was a very fun shoot. Once again, Jackie’s natural acting talents and big bottom will be generously on display.

A cute story behind the sunglasses in the first set of photos below. When I sent her a message about what to bring for the shoot, I told Jackie I wanted her to start out in a sundress. She misread that, and thought I said sunglasses. Thus, she brought those, but not the dress. Still, I like her blue and white striped outfit, looks like she is ready to play tennis or go rollerblading or something. Suitable for a production that heralds the arrival of Spring, with the summer months not that far around the corner.

I will begin working on the video this week. For now, I hope everyone enjoys these images.

Stay tuned!









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