High Voltage

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend and the official start of summer, I am proud to release my newest production featuring Jackie Stevens.

In this video, Jackie begins outside making plans to get her deck ready for the season, before returning to her bedroom to change for a quick shower. However, she is interrupted by someone at the front door, a serviceman working for the electric company. Clad in only a short blue towel, the big-bottomed woman is alarmed to hear about some dangerous power readings coming from the house. Jackie takes him around out back, only to eventually lose her cover. But this does not discourage the electrician, who whisks a hapless Jackie away and upstairs and beyond, without giving her a chance to dress.

In order to tell this story, I took the same approach as in “Musical Thoughts”, playing the part of the utility worker from behind the camera. Jackie is able to interact with me directly, and this enables me to keep the focus firmly on her performance. She is very strong here, adlibbing and improvising the character of a frustrated, embarrassed woman who gets caught up in events out of her control.

Naturally, this is meant to be a quirky and humorous premise. The idea of a lady who loses her towel in front of another person, but being unsympathetic and all business, the electric company serviceman proceeds to usher the homeowner around even though she is nude. Jackie really captures the sense of being flustered throughout this unbelievable experience. Even to the point that she is taken along for a little ride.

What I enjoy so much about Jackie’s delivery style is that she can go on and on during the most basic set-up situations creating a foundation for the narrative to build upon. As such, I always know I can get a lot out of her. The whole thing ends up being a fun light-hearted romp.

Music for this production was provided by Peanuth O’Toole. The title track played at the beginning and over the end credits was inspired by the AC/DC classic “Dirty Deeds”. In particular, I was thinking of the line “High Voltage”, which gave me the idea for this video. I also used an earlier piece composed by Peanuth called “Floatation”, which some will remember from Jackie’s first video with me. Here, I use the woodwind piece as part of a gorgeous slow-motion sequence.

The full length video is over 19 minutes, and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.





16 responses to “High Voltage

  1. You should ask Jackie to do more videos with her. Maybe even a crossover or two with some others. This was beautiful!

    • Thank you very much! I am looking into setting up a video near Jackie’s place later this summer. Once before, I tried to plan a video with her and another model, but it did not work out. Although Jackie is such a strong actress, she is able to carry a production on her own.

  2. Awesome vid, just love your neiche and retro style editing. Check out nakedjackie.com for other nieches….feel free to comment on site for plug! Cheers

      • Helmhood, thanks for your complement, I appreciate it. Best of luck, You know as well as I do how challenging it can be to produce stuff. But it is darn rewarding. Have a good Memorial Day.

      • Yes, thank you. I always enjoy hearing from other content producers. Especially as we have both had the pleasure to work with Jackie Stevens.

    • Hi isai,

      It may be that the video file did not download correctly. I would try again, and see if it works. No one else has reported any problems to me. If you still cannot get the video to play, let me know and I can re-upload and send you the links.

      Some things to consider, these are .wmv Windows Media Player files. Hopefully you would not have any trouble running on your computer.

  3. Jackie does indeed have a great butt. Then again all of Jackie from head to toe is great. (Especially so when she’s nude 🙂 )

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