Mid-June Video Shoot

It was only a matter before I had the energetic Briella Jaden in front of the camera again. Back in my March update, I mentioned that we were planning to shoot a third straight video. But her travel plans changed, and we were not able to coordinate our schedules.

However, she was in town this week, and taking advantage of the warm summer-like weather, we worked on a new upcoming production. This will be a funny little story, focusing more on the embarrassment of Briella’s character. We were able to capture some nice outdoor nudity.

She also puts her hair up for this one, and I think she looks quite cute. In fact, I always enjoy when the girls can showcase a different hairstyle, to bring a bit of variety.

I will post more about the video in the next week or so. For now, here are a half dozen pictures to tease.








Stay tuned!


7 responses to “Mid-June Video Shoot

  1. Oh my god I barely recognized her. You should try contacting Sandra or Constance again. It’s been a while.

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