I have a new video featuring Briella Jaden.

Briella plays the part of a young reporter assigned to interview a famous sports figure at the local park. However, Briella’s character is a bit clueless about the field of sports and not well informed regarding her subject. But does that stop our little reporter? Heck, no! She wanders around the outdoor location searching for the mystery athlete, and loses her clothes in the process. Completely naked, she must return the studio bashfully and face the consequences from her news director.

For this production, I used the public park location from 2013’s Bare in the Park. It worked out this way because it is close by to the room I had booked for the indoor segments. When I had shot here almost three years ago, it was on a Sunday afternoon in July, and almost seemed like we had the place to ourselves with only a couple of interruptions. But this time, on a mid-June Wednesday evening, it felt like there were more people around. On a side note, Briella is not as natural an exhibitionist as some of my other models, and gets nervous about being caught naked. This is fun, though, and leads to a more authentic sense of anxiety.

The scene by the playground was meant to include an initial moment where her dress comes off, probably coming down the slide. But as we were about to make the attempt, a family pulled up in their car. Briella and I would return to this spot several times during the shoot, but they never left. Had I been able to capture this, it would have provided an earlier occurrence of nudity and I could have stretched another minute or two out of the video.

So instead, there is a longer build up until we finally find more privacy in the woods, where she can lose her dress and go totally nude. However, in the earlier scenes outside, Briella does engage in a little playful flashing. This is something rare for me, as I do not often focus on partial nakedness, rather showing all or nothing. I think it works here, and fits the personality of our blonde reporter babe who doesn’t take things very seriously.

This is also the first time I have had Briella put her hair up, and I quiet enjoy her in a ponytail.

For the music, Peanuth O’Toole provided three versions of a track playing off the theme of a news station. Leading with “News Room” this is the sort of running tense music that might accompany a breaking news alert. There is also a variation used for filler, and finally the end credits have the “News Room” track with a layer of guitar added.

The full video stretches over 16 minutes and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.







9 responses to “Reporterette

  1. Is that how the video ends? With her getting punished? There wasn’t even a ‘The End’ left afterwards.

    • If you did not see any end credits, then the video file might not have downloaded correctly. She should be standing against the wall, back toward the camera followed by “The End”, and the rest of the credits.

  2. The video was pretty neat. But in my opinion, I think there could’ve been more nudity and more embarrassment on Briella’s part.

    • Thank you for watching. Yes, if I was able to extend the playground scene, there would have been more of that.

      Next week, I will post the outtakes video, that will have some additional nudity from Briella.

    • Because I wanted to finish by showing Briella’s butt. It’s for comedy, the last frame being her backside and then following with “The End”.

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