Outtakes Video – Reporterette

I have put together a 7 minute clip of outtakes from my video last month with Briella Jaden.

One thing I don’t think I mentioned was the sequence of the shoot. We actually started out going to the park first, in order to get all the outdoor scenes. Then on the way back to the room, I first recorded her using the stairs and approaching that back door. Finally we did the interior scenes from her preparing herself in front of the mirror and her eventual embarrassing return. The assembly of the finished video mixed these together.

The most fun outtakes I found, were when we moved into woods past the narrow bridge. In several places, I had dropped the sound because I was giving directions to Briella, but I wanted to keep the visual. Here I have the exchanges that took place between us. It also gives a hint of how nervous she was to be naked outside, very aware there were other people around in the park.

Another point where I dropped the sound from the camera and used filler music was back in the room when she was standing to face the wall. I was explaining what I wanted from her, but she looks so cute with her butt on display, wiggling and shifting that I decided to keep the lingering shot. Here in this clip, I include her comments about how she would play along.

Finally, the last two and a half minutes features a slow-motion feast of Briella naked on the bed. This is extra material we captured after the main video. I have drawn it out for those who wanted to enjoy more of the young lady. Sweet and sensual.

The music tracks provided by Peanuth O’Toole are his opening “News Room”, and the version with guitar played over the two ending title cards.

Below is the link to download the video file:

Outtakes – Reporterette





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