Hot Ironing

Every now and then when reviewing the analytics of this site, I come across an interesting link that referred traffic here. A while ago there was a blog about the subject of sexy ironing, which included one of my Amy Starr screencaps. That reminded me how over the years I have used the theme of a woman ironing her clothes either naked or partially dressed on a number of occasions. This is the link to the Hot Ironing website:

The first image of Amy of course comes from my video Maid to Order.



But I also had her do a scene with an ironing board back in 2011’s Legal Briefs. Later in the video, she returns to find her skirt has been hot melted to the board!

Amy Ironing


Sometimes, when a model has to dress up in a professional-looking blouse, she needs to do some quick ironing before the shoot. That is what Sandra was doing here before our Substitute Teacher production.


However, the very first occasion I explored this wonderful concept on video goes all the way back to 2007, when I worked with Sativa for the second time. Even better, there was no ironing board, she had to use a filing cabinet!



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