August Video Shoot

I spent Sunday afternoon at the beach with Jackie Stevens and we shot a new video.

This one should be interesting as the whole story takes place outdoors, without any interior scenes. Besides the beach front location, which is central to the premise, we found some other interesting backdrops to incorporate.

It was a crowded summer day, but I think we came up with something fun. This also marks the furthest I have driven out for a project, as I was meeting Jackie closer to her area. One of the things important to my productions is environmental storytelling, in other words developing ideas, characters or concepts based on the setting. When I am using a new location for the first time, one I am not familiar with, there is more improvisation. Jackie and I brainstormed once we were on the park grounds, and the result should be a pretty cute scenario.

She is wearing her hair up for this one, again because it was so warm, and she would end up getting wet.

Here are a half a dozen still photos taken over the course of the shoot.

Stay tuned!








August Update

Well that was interesting. So last week, someone posted part of one of my older videos up on a blog dedicated to embarrassed female nudity. I contacted the site administrators and was able to have credit added along with a link here. The result was a flood of visitors such has never been seen before.

On July 26, a new record was set for hits in a single day: 4,828


Of course with this surge of traffic, there was also a new record established for monthly views at 32,596 for the month of July.

Welcome to everyone who might be discovering these videos for the first time!

As for an update on my next production, Jackie Stevens has been asking me to come out to shoot in her area. We are looking to do something around the third week of this month. That will mean more fun and a new location to explore.

Stay tuned!