August Update

Well that was interesting. So last week, someone posted part of one of my older videos up on a blog dedicated to embarrassed female nudity. I contacted the site administrators and was able to have credit added along with a link here. The result was a flood of visitors such has never been seen before.

On July 26, a new record was set for hits in a single day: 4,828


Of course with this surge of traffic, there was also a new record established for monthly views at 32,596 for the month of July.

Welcome to everyone who might be discovering these videos for the first time!

As for an update on my next production, Jackie Stevens has been asking me to come out to shoot in her area. We are looking to do something around the third week of this month. That will mean more fun and a new location to explore.

Stay tuned!


6 responses to “August Update

    • Not sure about that. I had the option to have the video removed, but it was from eight years ago, before I even opened my clips store. I figured the time was right for the extra publicity.

      Glad to hear you are a fan of Jackie!

  1. I’ve been without a computer or decent phone for too long now. I’ve only recently been able to access your updates. I’m happy to see that you’re still doing well my brother. You’re a good guy and you deserve good rewards. Thank you for your kindness.

    • Hi Mike,

      Good to hear from you again! I know it’s rough being without internet access. Hope you have been able to catch up on the recent videos, and enjoy Briella and Jackie from last year.

      It’s been cold here, but I should be planning a new production soon.

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