Making Waves

In this video, Jackie Stevens makes plans to visit a beach on a hot summer weekend. She is so excited to try out her new bikini, that she does not wear any other clothes to the location. Unfortunately, while having fun in the water, the waves get a little too strong. Her top and bottoms are pulled off without the curvy brunette even realizing it. Until she walks back out onto the beach to make an embarrassing discovery. From there, she must try to navigate her way back to her car naked, while avoiding any trouble with the park ranger.

The making of this production was a new experience for me, and Jackie is a blast to work with as always, but this was not an easy shoot. We had to fight the sun and the wind, which gets very loud close up to the shore as one can imagine. For that reason, during the beach scene there are parts I had to lower the video volume only because the gusts of wind were that harsh. You would think we were in the middle of a hurricane the way the camera picks up the noise.

I also have an extended sequence of Jackie frolicking in the water. Here, I dropped the volume completely and used a music soundtrack, J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 that I think fits very well. For those with a good memory, I used this same piece in 2011’s Jenna at the Beach when Lydia plays in the water. Now that’s thematic consistency!

Of course, I was more than happy with the original music provided by Peanuth O’Toole. He composed a special track suitable for Jackie’s bouncy bottom, called “Beach Bum”. The voiceover samples used come from Sandra to create a nice effect. This is played during the opening titles and at a couple of other intervals during the video. Then for the end credits, Peanuth provided “Beach Bum” as a guitar driven rock version.

The story behind the bird sanctuary has to do with Jackie telling me about the time she was shooting some outdoor photography and got caught. But instead of getting in trouble for being naked, she was yelled at because they were in some kind of wildlife preserve. In light of her earlier production Birds of a Feather, I thought it would be cute to work this as a reference into the narrative.

Due to us starting at the beach and park location, the video is structured a little differently than my other Jackie videos. The pattern thus far has been for Jackie to provide more exposition and character development to begin, even as much as the first 10 minutes, before she starts losing her clothes. That probably would have been the case if say we opened at her house and had her getting ready for the day, then transitioned to the ride out here. Instead, her character moves at a somewhat more brisk pace, from the parking lot, to the beach and then to the good stuff scampering around after her bikini comes off. So while the production is not as long as our previous efforts, I will have some amusing outtakes to share.

The full video runs just over 14 minutes, and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.






14 responses to “Making Waves

  1. That was enjoyable! Poor Jackie can’t catch a break with being seen can she. Was the implication that she was going to, you know, actual prison? LIke, charged in a courtroom or just being held onto an let off with a warning? Also, loved the Birds of a Feather connection.

  2. Hi Phillip,

    Thank you for the comment. I suppose it is up to the viewer to use their imagination. But I like to think the friendly park ranger was just going to give Jackie a ride home and let her off with a warning… and maybe a spanking!

    Glad you enjoyed the Birds of a Feather reference. It’s sort of like an Easter Egg, but also suggest further development of Jackie’s character in a series of ongoing misfortunes.

  3. I noticed there was a lot of people on the beach when Jackie was naked. How was that for her? Did you catch any comments by the beach guests?

    • Oh, Jackie was fine. It was a little frustrating with all the people around, because they tend to get in the way. I tried to not get them in various shots, but after a while I couldn’t wait any longer. I don’t mind using extras when it enhances the production. In fact, the old guy who walks across the scene with his head in frame, I though that was pretty funny.

      I did get a comment on camera, I will share in the outtakes video. Jackie also received responses from people nearby asking if she was OK. Apparently her embarrassed poses were very convincing.

      • Did any people wondered what you where doing filming the naked embarrassed women? Did you get any judgmental looks or any thing?

      • Not so much. People mostly mind their business and go about their own thing. The only problem is that includes walking in front of the camera and intruding onto a scene.

    • That would be funny, especially the part after she first leaves the water. Although, all she’s really saying is stuff like “I don’t have a towel!”, “I spent $100 for that bikini”, and in general, “What am I going to do?”

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