Outtakes Video: Making Waves

I have some outtakes to share from my recent video with Jackie Stevens.

The opening scene in the parking lot was actually stitched together from an original and alternate take. As I mention in the clip, I was concerned about catching my reflection in the side of the car, and in fact I did. So the switch to the forward facing angle was made as Jackie finishes her monologue.

Once we were on the beach, we did indeed draw some attention. Understandable, I suppose, with a guy following around a big bottomed woman in a bikini with a camera. At one point, some people walked behind me, and you can overhear someone say, “Get her naked, get her naked!” followed by polite laughter at the encouragement.

Several of the scenes in the finished production feature Jackie starting away from the camera, and nervously approaching into the scene, acting shy and embarrassed. Showcased here is the reverse, some points where she was walking to get into position, which means extra video of her jiggly butt. Also, the first time she leaves the water after losing her bikini, I wanted to set up the moment differently with a wider angle and more exaggeration. The shot we ended up using and her reaction is perfect.

Finally, the clip includes a little bit of fun, with the idea of Jackie begging for her clothes. Not something I was going to add to the story, but I thought it would be cute to try.

Again, the music used is the track composed by Peanuth O’Toole, called “Beach Bum”. Both the synth-style sampled version and the rocking one.

This video file runs almost 5 and a half minutes and can be downloaded at the link below:

Outtakes Video – Making Waves





5 responses to “Outtakes Video: Making Waves

  1. If you could get Jackie (or other model(s) in a similar pose to this samo19.deviantart.com/art/in-the-pool-624485176 your a hero!

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