September Video Shoot

I’ve noticed a trend with my productions this year. I tend to shoot with Jackie Stevens during the day… and Briella Jaden at night.

This pattern continued when I had the pleasure of working with Briella earlier in the week. We got a late start, which suited me fine as part of the video would have us going for a little neighborhood drive, except Briella is not wearing any clothes.

Of course, there is a story to set up such a situation. That is played out indoors, and Briella looks quite ravishing. I did not get a chance to take any outdoor still photos, because she was very nervous and I focused on capturing as much video as I could. Her mood helps lend the sense of embarrassment to her character, in what should be an interesting episode. I did include one snapshot from when she is sitting in the passenger seat, knees pulled up in a bashful pose.

Here are the rest of the photographs I took from when we started and returned to the room. The ones with her on the sofa are among my favorites I have ever taken of Briella. I don’t think I have captured her eyes as so intense as these.












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