Outtakes Video: Anything for a Raise

There was a special occasion this past week. October 3 was the anniversary of the first time I worked with Briella Jaden, back in 2011.

I was able to put together a four minute clip of outtakes from my most recent video with the lovely young lady.

When I started to come up with an idea for this production, knowing the location we would be using, I tried to think of a story that would involve an embarrassing strip. It would be logical to make Briella the employer seeking a raise for herself, and she takes off her clothes in the attempt to persuade her boss. But I wanted to do something different. Briella has played a lot of characters, from student to secretary to hapless reporter. However, she has never been a wife. This aspect allowed for the additional wrinkle of her husband putting her up to this, and adds and extra dimension to her character.

When we started the opening scene, Briella was improvising and naturally acted like she was preparing dinner for the boss invited to her home. This take was not used, because in fact I needed her to be at the home of the boss in order for the story to work. Also, the meal was already finished, sort of leading into the moment of now let’s get down to business.

There was another part, where she was doing a great job justifying the reasons for giving her husband a raise. Until she hit a mental block. It’s funny, because I knew exactly what she was thinking but she just failed to articulate the word until I gave her a nudge.

After that, she was off and running. Most of this clip is me providing direction or lines for Briella. Her delivery was perfect so there were not many slip ups or need to reshoot a scene. The part when she first gets back in the car is fun, as she talks about being both nervous and enjoying the outside nudity.

The music used at the beginning and end of these outtakes is from Peanuth O’Toole’s very cool track called “Nude Little Wife”. The video file can be downloaded at the link below:

Outtakes – Anything for a Raise





4 responses to “Outtakes Video: Anything for a Raise

  1. I was watching Amazon Prime Video & found “When Sexy Halloween Costumes Go Too Far”, very tame but could be the beginning of an idea for an interesting video.

    Another suggestion. A young model (slightly shy maybe) asks a friend to help her by taking a photograph for her portfolio in the local park. & she is persuaded too do sexier & more revealing poses (similar to this http://dru.pl/blog/carolina-na-laweczce-w-parku/200058/ – usual warnings about adult site apply). Until she takes off all her clothes. Then is convinced by the friend to hand over the clothes because the photos would look better without the untidy pile. After a few more shots. The photographer starts to back away – to get a better angle. Of course decides to play a prank on the would be future supermodel by disappearing with her clothes. Lots of incidents happen to the model on the way home.

    I cannot remember this idea being suggested to you before, but I know its not the most original. Of course the photographer could be you or another model/actress. If a model/actress is used then this could set up a revenge scenario for a future video.

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