Quote of the Day

“Lose something, darling? Sit your sweet ass down.”

~ Bananas Grimble in Trick or Treat 2


Since I did not post a video for this past Halloween, I decided to revisit the production from 2009, featuring Jordana Leigh. Here, Jordan has entered the house of the Grimble Gang only to have her trick-or-treat pumpkin basket vanish, as well as her clothes bit by bit when she goes searching for her candy.

In this scene, Jordana approaches the boss of the gang, Bananas, finding him at the dining table. Here she is rebuked by the loveable character but he also gives her a clue to the next part of tracking down her Halloween booty. Of course, before she heads upstairs on the cream colored carpet, he makes Jordana take off her shoes.

I always thought Jordana looks ravishing in this stage of undress from her costume. Love the white blouse tied high to reveal her tummy and tiny red thong.






6 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Probably my favorite video of yours. Loved the progressive stripping. Jordana was so good at acting embarrassed. The constant shifting of her hands to try and cover up, the nervous and embarrassed expression on her face. So good.

    • Hi, N.G.

      I agree Jordana is a talented performer and actress. This was a fun video. I think my stories typically fall into one of two categories: Either a slow, drawn out stripping and losing clothes, or the girl ends up naked quickly and stays that way. In this one, it takes a while to lose everything, but watching it unfold is great.


      • I personally like those categories. Any chance well see jordana in a video again? Whats is she up to now?

      • I think Jordana has her own studio now, it’s called “Jordanas Shame Shack”. A search should bring it up. It would be fun to collaborate on another project with her again.

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