Bonus Briella Clip

I have put together a 2 minute extra clip of Briella. Think of it like a stocking stuffer!

This starts with a take I did not use in our recent video. One reason was because I really was trying to trim down the running time to keep the full production contained in one video file. But she also did sort of flub the line. This happens right after she has finished taking off her clothes. Her line was supposed to be “So, what do you want to do now?” I suppose that can be a bit of a tongue-twister, but Briella’s take here is still cute.

From there, we transition to an enjoyable view of the young lady laying in bed, and I have a new track by Peanuth O’Toole called “Silent Nude” to play in the background. I also used his original “Santa’s Little Helper” from last year to take us through the rest of the clip.

One element that I think any kind of photography fails to capture is how soft Briella is. She is really sweet and pretty, and that’s what I wanted to showcase.

The video file can be downloaded at the link below:

Briella Bonus Clip.

I also found a back way into uploading images in the old format. So you can view the previous two posts and click on the picture to get much larger sizes.





Merry Christmas

I have an extra photo of Briella to share today. She looks adorable here, with all her clothes discarded (well, except for the Santa hat) and clutching the gift box for some modesty.

And I’m also including an image from the actual video, because I did enjoy how she appeared in her starting outfit. The reason Santa’s Little Helper wanted her stockings, was to hang by the fireplace of course.

Merry Christmas, everyone!





An Exchange of Gifts

I know it’s been a while since my last production. Sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business!

In this video, Briella Jaden is a Christmas elf who visits Santa’s Little Helper. She is surprised, when he gives her a present, and genuinely grateful for the act of kindness. But then Briella feels a little guilty, because she did not bring a gift of her own. No problem, her friend says that she can be unwrapped… or rather, Briella can just give some of her clothes. After she ends up completely naked, they break out the mistletoe.

The idea behind this story is a continuation of last year’s Christmas clip. For those who would like to review it again, or missed it the first time, you can download the file here:

Santa’s Little Helper

Now for this one, although I wanted to keep it simple, it ended up stretching longer than I expected. Again, mostly because Briella has mastered the art of the slow strip tease. I think she also brings a combination of reluctance, and resignation to going along with the game. There is a nice range of emotion on display, and more importantly, it’s a fun little fantasy.

For the music in this video, Peanuth O’Toole has built upon last year’s track of the same title, “Santa’s Little Helper”. Only in the new extended version, the piece transitions into high energy with drums, bass and guitar. I really enjoyed how it came out.

Instead of screenshots from the finished video, I am posting the still photos that I took when I worked with Briella a few weeks ago.

The full production runs just under 14 minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.











Poll: 2016 Video of the Year

It is time to select the Video of the Year for 2016. Below are the productions that were released over the past twelve months. Briella Jaden and Jackie Stevens both appeared in multiple titles, so it will be interesting to analyze the vote breakdown. Again, I encourage people to vote for the actual video they most enjoyed, not just their favorite model. But of course, you can use whatever criteria you wish.

I will keep the poll open until the end of December.

Have fun!


2016 Year in Review

Here is rundown of the videos produced this past year. Tomorrow I will post a poll inviting everyone to vote on their favorite!

  1. Do Not Disturb

Briella Jaden returns home late from a New Year’s party, and just wants to get some sleep. Before she realizes it is the next morning, and she is awakened multiple times by solicitors knocking at the door. However the young lady had chosen only a short skimpy top to sleep in leaving her unwittingly exposed when she greets these visitors.


2. Anthology

This video features a series of short segments or vignettes with Briella Jaden. First she undresses for a shower only to have some trouble with a towel. Then she finds herself as an embarrassed secretary. An umbrella also causes her frustration before the final episode where she is tickled by a toothbrush over her completely naked body.


3. High Voltage

Jackie Stevens returns to play the part of a clueless homeowner that has a faulty electric meter. When the electrician takes her around outside, she ends up losing her towel and is kept in the nude despite her protesting. He even brings her to the beach along the way to the hardware store.


4. Reporterette

Briella Jaden is an inexperienced reporter given an assignment to interview a sports figure at the local park. She does not know who the athlete is, or even what sport he plays. But while roaming around the park trails, she gets her dress caught and loses all her clothes. Thus she makes a humiliating return to her editor at the news studio.


5. Making Waves

A summer time classic with Jackie Stevens. The big-bottomed young lady plans a day at the beach, arriving in only her bikini. While frolicking in the waves, though, Jackie loses her swimsuit, both the top and bottoms. She then has to sneak off the beach and through the park grounds to get back to her car, hoping not to get caught by a park ranger.


6. Anything for a Raise

When shy wife Briella’s husband asks her to help him get a raise, she arranges a meeting with his boss and cooks him dinner in attempt to make a convincing argument. However, it is going to take a little bit more effort, and Briella finds herself stripping reluctantly until she is totally bare. The boss gives her a ride home, and everyone gets a happy ending.