Bare Together

Usually when I produce a video that features two models, it involves a scenario where one girl is the antagonist who sets out to embarrass the other. This results in one-sided nudity where only the victim of pranks or playful teasing loses her clothes.

On occasion, I have both characters in the story find themselves undressed. Sometimes, this is at the very end, when the one who has been stripped gets revenge on the other girl. Other times, it is a situation that arises over a sequence of events, and the two ladies share more screen time together completely in the nude.

I was reviewing some past productions, and found an interesting breakdown on this subject.

For example, the 2013 summer time title Bare in the Park with Sativa and Sandra had the girls lose their clothes when they go skinny-dipping. The reveal happens about 5 minutes, 17 seconds into the video. This leaves both girls naked for the remainder of the story, an enjoyable 12 minutes and 38 seconds.


Looking back at 2012’s production featuring Lydia and Tara, To Catch a Thief, this story is about a robber who has been strip searched and turns the tables on the security guard. This happens some 13 minutes into the video, and then both girls run around handcuffed to each other for the remaining 9 minutes and 36 seconds.


In 2014, I paired up Danielle and her friend Elena for the second time, for the purpose of getting the less experienced Elena to take off her clothes as part of Hope Springs Eternal. After a brief cat-fight between the characters, both young ladies are without clothes for the following 4 minutes and 12 seconds. This video was shorter than the previous two mentioned, which impacted the onscreen running time. Had this gone longer, the scenes would have continued with Danielle and Elena equally bare.


Finally, in 2011, I teamed Amy Starr with Jade Indica in Lunch Lady. The style of their video is typical of what I described before, for Amy’s character waits until the very end to get some satisfaction against Jade who had won her clothes in a game of strip poker. However, because this was more as an explanation point tacked on for fun, rather than a developing scenario, they finish out the production naked together for only 42 seconds.


One thing I haven’t done yet is have both girls start out completely bare, for an entire video.


2016 Video of the Year

Happy New Year!

The poll for the Narrow-minded Productions 2016 Video of the Year has closed, and the results are in.

The winner is Do Not Disturb featuring Briella Jaden.

251 votes were cast and the video took 108, or 43% of the total. Coming in second place was the Jackie Stevens video, Making Waves, which 68 people voted for, or 27% of the total.

I was following the response from when I first posted the poll, and Making Waves did in fact jump out to an early lead. With Briella having been in 4 productions last year, it was certainly possible that her votes could have been split, and a larger plurality might consolidate around one of Jackie’s productions. But as the votes came in throughout December, they all went to the first title released in 2016, Do Not Disturb.

Some additional stats, with all the votes combined Briella received 154, which is about 61% of the total. Jackie’s two videos gathered 97 votes, or 39% of the total. I like Jackie a lot, and both models remain very popular with their respective fan-bases.

Personally, looking back on last year, the video that was the most fun for me to put together was High Voltage. But I think the new location and crowded beach scenes from Making Waves made that one more exciting for viewers.

As for the winning video itself, Do Not Disturb benefits from a structured story about a woman who is awakened three times by solicitors at her front door: two salesmen and someone looking for a donation for charity. Each time, Briella answers wearing only a skimpy top, totally unaware how much she is showing. This builds to the eventual realization and subsequent embarrassment, which further leads to Briella getting a little turned on upon reflection. In addition, there’s a nice little epilogue with her partially stripping in the back seat of the car until she gets caught. It’s also fun to look back at Briella’s shorter hair at the time, and how she let it grow out by the end of the year. Overall, the wide range of her character’s reactions make this a fun and worthy recipient for Video of the Year.

Thank you to everyone who participated. I look forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.