Bare Together

Usually when I produce a video that features two models, it involves a scenario where one girl is the antagonist who sets out to embarrass the other. This results in one-sided nudity where only the victim of pranks or playful teasing loses her clothes.

On occasion, I have both characters in the story find themselves undressed. Sometimes, this is at the very end, when the one who has been stripped gets revenge on the other girl. Other times, it is a situation that arises over a sequence of events, and the two ladies share more screen time together completely in the nude.

I was reviewing some past productions, and found an interesting breakdown on this subject.

For example, the 2013 summer time title Bare in the Park with Sativa and Sandra had the girls lose their clothes when they go skinny-dipping. The reveal happens about 5 minutes, 17 seconds into the video. This leaves both girls naked for the remainder of the story, an enjoyable 12 minutes and 38 seconds.


Looking back at 2012’s production featuring Lydia and Tara, To Catch a Thief, this story is about a robber who has been strip searched and turns the tables on the security guard. This happens some 13 minutes into the video, and then both girls run around handcuffed to each other for the remaining 9 minutes and 36 seconds.


In 2014, I paired up Danielle and her friend Elena for the second time, for the purpose of getting the less experienced Elena to take off her clothes as part of Hope Springs Eternal. After a brief cat-fight between the characters, both young ladies are without clothes for the following 4 minutes and 12 seconds. This video was shorter than the previous two mentioned, which impacted the onscreen running time. Had this gone longer, the scenes would have continued with Danielle and Elena equally bare.


Finally, in 2011, I teamed Amy Starr with Jade Indica in Lunch Lady. The style of their video is typical of what I described before, for Amy’s character waits until the very end to get some satisfaction against Jade who had won her clothes in a game of strip poker. However, because this was more as an explanation point tacked on for fun, rather than a developing scenario, they finish out the production naked together for only 42 seconds.


One thing I haven’t done yet is have both girls start out completely bare, for an entire video.


31 responses to “Bare Together

  1. You should reach out and put Amy Starr with someone else.

    Also, I find the videos where women end up in handcuffs to be quite….thrilling.

  2. What about making a video where one of the ladies gets naked. I feel like that increases the embarrassment for the victim with is very thrilling.

    • I think most of my videos with two models are one-sided and focus on the other’s embarrassment. Certainly the last two with Danielle, she was the only one naked, along with other stories like “The Rules”, “First Day at a New School” and “All or Nothing”. Having both girls nude at the same time seems to be the exception, which is why I took a look back at these specific productions.

      But each style has its own appeal, I like both methods of telling a story.

  3. I just watched Babysitting without a net again, and it was as good as ever. The strong part there is precisely that Laura-Ann never gets (or even seeks) revenge – she just is helpless and naked and that adds to the embarrassment. What I always wonder is: how did you come up with Monica HImmelheber? She is just so good in that role, plus she has a gorgeous body.

    • Hi Ronny,

      I think with Monica, it was the case of being the right place at the right time. Auditions were held in Santa Monica, and she was a working actress in the area. We were impressed with her style, poise and diction right away and invited her to the next round of call backs. Monica was very professional and a great part of this project.

      • Thank you. Did she go naked in the auditions already? I mean, style, poise and all is very important, but she needed to have the perfect body too, and you can’t be sure of that when a woman is dressed. Or wasn’t it until the filming began that she went naked?

      • Man, I would have loved to be on the set during shooting! Getting to see Monica get undressed again and again 🙂 I mean, how often was a scene played, for example that one where Laura-Ann steps down from the chair to have Amy and Louise remove her final piece of underwear for the first time? A couple of rehearsals I guess, and then a couple of shootings? Frankly I don’t have a clue about how filming works. That’s why I love the outtakes of your movies btw.

      • Thanks, Ronny. From what I remember, there were rehearsals of the scenes, but Monica did not have to get undressed for those. It was only during the actual takes on the day of shooting. There were a couple of takes, but usually the first one is the best and most natural, and the one you end up going with. Every now and then, I like to showcase alternate approaches in my other outtakes videos, or if the model does something funny.

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