Outtakes Video: Roll of the Dice

Only a three and a half minute for this clip of outtakes. That’s because once we were outside, I was able to use most of the raw video for the finished production, without a lot of extraneous material. Especially when we crossed the narrow bridge in the woods. Briella was keeping in motion, acting nervous both in character and for real, even as I was giving her directions. It was better to just drop the sound, and edit in the bird sound effects for those parts, which blends in with the natural ambience anyway.

What I do include here at the beginning of the shoot, is how working from behind the low table where we rolled the dice was somewhat of a challenge. The moment I gave up on using the tripod was after Briella makes her first throw. It was difficult to swing the camera down to show the results, in that position.

One of the things I liked was how the turns we took played out authentically, and I beat her in each round, without needing to redo any takes. When the dice fell off the table, that just added a nice touch, to weigh the odds further against Briella. The idea behind the story concept was that her character would lose badly, overwhelmingly, adding to her embarrassment and willing to go along with the forfeit.

There is an extra moment I captured here when Briella was putting on her running shoes to go out. They apparently fit tightly, and it took longer for her to get the laces tied up. I cut this scene down in the finished video, but I thought it was kind of adorable to watch.

Another thing I should mention, her dog Dakota is very well behaved, and I enjoyed featuring as a part of the background scenery in the apartment setting. But it was an after the fact realization that while I was focused on Briella, and trying to maintain continuity of the frames, sometimes Dakota would move her head or switch positions. This added an extra challenge to the post production, and is one of the reasons for the rough cuts in the first part.

The most important aspect for me is to show Briella laughing and having a good time. She really is a lot of fun to work with, and these outtakes demonstrate that quality. For the music, I used Peanuth O’Toole’s new track made for this production “Call of the Nymph” at the start and finish.

The clip can be downloaded at the link below:

Outtakes Video: Roll of the Dice


Roll of the Dice

In this video, Briella Jaden takes on her friend in a game of dice. She has not had much success in their previous matches, but this time the young woman feels she is up to the challenge. However, things don’t exactly go her way and Briella soon finds herself paying a penalty. Her friend moves things to an outdoor location as the forfeit plays out with the ponytailed blonde going for a run. When they progress further along the trail, she ends up losing more of her clothes as a result of the dice game. How long can she stand this embarrassing turn of events?

Early on in this shoot, I abandoned the tripod, and decided to freehand the camera. This of course allows for easier movement, and some lovely angles of our leading lady. I think Briella looks adorable, and watch for the subtle changes in her expressions. She can go from a grin and giggle, to her face dropping in concern as her character grows more anxious. Typical of some of our previous productions, I had to feed her a lot of dialogue to keep the story moving, but her adlibs and her own improvisations are great.

The fun really begins once we were outside. I think it feels less confined, and some of the reluctance about taking off her clothes is quite genuine. Briella has always agreed to go along with scenes in public locations, but she is truly concerned about getting caught and in trouble. At the same time, she admits to find it exciting, which is a quality I love about her. We managed along the trails well enough. There was one person who walked past us at one point, but it was just after Briella had her covering back on. It was a close call, I kept teasing her.

Because of the need to establish the premise of the game and build up to the forfeit, the first half of the video runs longer. I think it is worth watching how the whole episode develops, even though the more enjoyable parts pick up in the latter half.

For the music, Peanuth O’Toole provides a new track titled “Call of the Nymph”, which is used for the opening of the production. In the end, I decided to reprise the one Peanuth made last summer called “Beach Bum”. It uses a voice over of Sandra making sounds like she is being pleasured, and that fits with the general mood by the close of this video.

The full video is a little over 20 minutes, and is divided into two parts available at my clips4sale store.


July Video Shoot

Finally! I was able to capture some outdoor photography, taking advantage of a nice summer early evening. And good timing, too, as we had some stormy weather the day after.

Briella Jaden is as cute as ever, wearing her hair in a ponytail for this production. She also has a sporty look going on, in her shorts, top and sneakers, ready to go for a run.

Interestingly, we almost had scheduled something before the 4th of July holiday, but she was not able to make it out here until the end of the week. Nevertheless, we managed a fun shoot including scenes along trails in the woods.

Here are half a dozen photos to share. The video should be available in a couple of weeks.


Briella is like a shy forest nymph, nervous about being caught. How does she lose all her clothes?

Stay tuned!