Most Appearances

When I worked with Briella Jaden last month, it was the eleventh video we produced together.

That set a new record and breaks the tie she was in with Danielle for most appearances. I thought it would be fun to look back at the first time I worked with each of the top models.

As mentioned, Briella now is featured in eleven titles. But this goes back to 2011, for the special Halloween video “The Haunted Closet”. It was interesting to watch and notice how her hair was longer then. Of course there was a pause in the two of us scheduling shoots for about two and a half years. It is when we picked up again in 2015, that we started turning out a more consistent run, which led to her being the model I have worked with most.

Danielle’s first video was “Double Booked” and goes back to 2013. That year I worked with her six times, pretty much every other month we were doing something. Then a couple of more productions in the following years, to give Danielle a total of ten appearances.

Prior to either of these ladies, a familar face around here was Amy Starr. We started in April of 2010, as part of the production of “All or Nothing”, and knocked out four videos followed by three more the next year. Like Briella above, Amy and I would have a break in shooting until she came back in 2014. The two we would produce that year gave her a total of nine videos.

And of course, the very first break out star of Narrow-minded Productions, is none other than Sativa Verte. Her debut performance goes back to 2007, in the classic “The Wine Tasting”. We had a prolific year together. But like the other girls, a change of locations led to a pause in our work schedule. Sativa came back in 2012, and I was able to squeeze three more videos out of her, to give the ravishing brunette nine titles to her name.