Christmas Collection

Similar to Halloween, over the years I have produced a number of videos that were themed for Christmas.

It goes back to December of 2006, when I worked with Jade Indica for the first time, and also tried shooting a complete story, rather than separate vignettes. This would become the production known as Weekend at the Office. Although the final released version used a full musical score instead of spoken dialogue, it was specifically scripted about a girl who has to work over the holiday weekend. The scenario was further made authentic by the various Christmas decorations that are placed around the office. And the music soundtrack was the final movement from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which is often associated with this season.

Weekend at the Office

The next Christmas video I would make happened in 2009, when I brought Jordana Leigh back for the second time. In one of my longest productions, running at 27 minutes, Holiday Hotline captures both the commercial aspect as well as the spirit of giving when her character boxes up all her clothes for a customer who calls into her department. Of course, her motivations were about trying to win a bonus for the most sales, so naturally Jordana’s character ends up embarrassed.

Holiday Hotline

I would go on to shoot other videos during the months of December, but not always featuring a holiday theme. And there have been a few short promotional clips wishing everyone a seasonal greeting. But the next time I would set out to do a Christmas story would not be until 2013. After working together with Danielle throughout the year, we wrapped things up with a fun little production. It was going to be another short advertising clip, but ended up running about 4 minutes, so it takes its place among these other videos. I later released a wide-screen version to my store.

NMP Christmas 2013

Finally, last year I produced a video called An Exchange of Gifts featuring Briella Jaden. This one was interesting in that it was treated as a sequel to the much shorter clip we did in 2015 introducing Santa’s Little Helper. The 2016 video has Briella starting out in a great black dress, white stockings and Santa hat, only to give it all (except the hat) to her stuffed bear friend after he surprises her with a generous present.

An Exchange of Gifts



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