May Update

Well, I tried, folks. I was ready to shoot a new video last weekend and had reached out to a couple of models I wanted to work with, based on their local availability. One is very experienced who I discovered she had done some custom clips in the style of embarrassed stripping and nudity. However, it is possible she is no longer active since there was no easy way to contact her. I found an e-mail address from a few years ago and sent a message, but have not received a reply.

I would be interested if anyone happens to come across new material from Nikki Lee Young, let me know! I might be able to reach out to the producer. If you do a search under the appropriate category, you might find some previews of her ENF clips.

With that failing, I did contact a local model who is supposed to live near by. She also has not responded, but if she does, I could have a new lady to work with. What I have refrained from is posting a general casting call. In the past, I usually end up getting traveling models who can be difficult to arrange shoot locations. And you also never know who you are going to get, working for the first time. Sometimes I’ve been lucky, sometimes not so much.

For those wondering, after our video last summer, Briella had to move back down to Florida. That is one of the main reasons productions came to a stop, as she had been a reliable and dependable model I could always count on to create something fun. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate in connecting with amazing talent. And then it is usually the models, whether Amy or Jackie, or even Sativa who contacted me to let me know they wanted to shoot again.

In many ways this feels like going back to square one. If anyone has a favorite model they would like to see in a Narrow-minded Production, and if they cover the northeast region of the US, I’d be happy to start making inquiries. I sometimes think I have had the pleasure of dealing with the best in this business already.

In other news, this first week of May is the anniversary of when we started shooting the film “Babysitting Without a Net.” Thirteen years ago! Time goes by fast.

Stay tuned!