Quote of the Day

“An umbrella for Briella…”
~ Briella Jaden in Anthology

We are closing in on a year since my last video with Briella Jaden. I miss her lots. Going back to review her body of work with Narrow-minded Productions, I had been meaning to highlight this cute quip from the video called “Anthology” we worked on in February of 2016.

This was the title without a specific storyline, but rather a collection of short and silly situations. Here, Briella plays the part to perfection of a clueless blonde who has technical difficulties operating a simple umbrella. It turns out, this two minute sequence is a fun bit of performance that can stand on its own, culminating in the young lady leaving the room completely naked holding only the umbrella. And a quick dash back, when she hears someone coming! Throughout her scene, there are a number of entertaining lines and slapstick comedy, which makes this a joy to watch.

I also want to note, for anyone curious, even when I do not produce a new video for a long time, I am still selling clips every day. June in fact has been a very good month, the best of 2018 so far. That bodes well for me doing something next month. I’ve mentioned before that since last year, I have been engrossed in other business related projects that has made it difficult for me to set aside time to schedule a shoot and all that is involved with selecting a new model to work with. If Briella makes plans to visit New York again, you can bet we will shoot something in a heartbeat.

Until then, stay tuned!


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