Happy New Year

I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year for 2018.

We have had some bitter cold weather up here, and just dealt with a blizzard, which was not even the first snowfall of the season. The situation right now is a good example of why productions slowed down last year. I have reached the stage where I am not going to try to set something up for a video under less than ideal conditions, special circumstances notwithstanding. And while we certainly had nice weather the rest of last summer and into the fall, I was also involved in non-related business projects that made the scheduling of photography difficult.

At this point, I’m sure I am going to wait for the spring, for the snow to melt and warmer temperatures to arrive. It does not bother me if I reduce my schedule to working a few times in the spring and early summer. Over the past thirteen years, these videos have been a lot of fun and I enjoy the collection of titles that has been put together. I’ve met some amazing people along the way and created many good memories.

Having said that, one of my objectives for the new year will be to shoot with a new model. I was recently reviewing the work of one young lady, and will try to see if she is still available in my area. Again, I would like to be able to include something outdoors, but I would not rule out a February event.

The bottom line is that I am not finished producing new videos, not at all. Even if it is not as many in the course of the year, I will still make the most of these opportunities.

Until then, stay tuned!

Christmas Collection

Similar to Halloween, over the years I have produced a number of videos that were themed for Christmas.

It goes back to December of 2006, when I worked with Jade Indica for the first time, and also tried shooting a complete story, rather than separate vignettes. This would become the production known as Weekend at the Office. Although the final released version used a full musical score instead of spoken dialogue, it was specifically scripted about a girl who has to work over the holiday weekend. The scenario was further made authentic by the various Christmas decorations that are placed around the office. And the music soundtrack was the final movement from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which is often associated with this season.

Weekend at the Office

The next Christmas video I would make happened in 2009, when I brought Jordana Leigh back for the second time. In one of my longest productions, running at 27 minutes, Holiday Hotline captures both the commercial aspect as well as the spirit of giving when her character boxes up all her clothes for a customer who calls into her department. Of course, her motivations were about trying to win a bonus for the most sales, so naturally Jordana’s character ends up embarrassed.

Holiday Hotline

I would go on to shoot other videos during the months of December, but not always featuring a holiday theme. And there have been a few short promotional clips wishing everyone a seasonal greeting. But the next time I would set out to do a Christmas story would not be until 2013. After working together with Danielle throughout the year, we wrapped things up with a fun little production. It was going to be another short advertising clip, but ended up running about 4 minutes, so it takes its place among these other videos. I later released a wide-screen version to my store.

NMP Christmas 2013

Finally, last year I produced a video called An Exchange of Gifts featuring Briella Jaden. This one was interesting in that it was treated as a sequel to the much shorter clip we did in 2015 introducing Santa’s Little Helper. The 2016 video has Briella starting out in a great black dress, white stockings and Santa hat, only to give it all (except the hat) to her stuffed bear friend after he surprises her with a generous present.

An Exchange of Gifts



November Report

It’s the beginning of the month, and I wanted to post an update about what is going on. A lot of people have been waiting patiently for the next video. Normally, I don’t like to get into personal stuff. Right now, I have some family business that needs to be attended to. The fact is, I have not had time to concentrate on setting up a shoot, letting alone think about new locations and story ideas.

Now I still would not hesitate to do something, anything, if one of our favorites happened to return to the area and were looking to work on a project. But aside from that, the next option would be to start casting for a new model, which I have wanted to do at some point anyway. Again, that takes time to come up with a scenario and consideration for the type of character I would be looking for.

I would say there is a chance I will plan a video for the holidays. Need to see how things go over the next few weeks.
Until then,

Stay tuned!


Halloween Retrospective

Over the years, I have produced a catalogue of videos themed for Halloween. This month, I decided to look back at those seasonal titles.

It started back in 2008, with Sativa Verte performing as part of the holiday farce, what would become a trilogy of productions, simply called “Trick or Treat”. The underlying concept involved the cartoonish Grimble Gang playing pranks, having their unique brand of fun, and ultimately leaving the leading lady without clothes. For this particular story, Sativa arrives at the wrong house, thinking it was a therapist’s office. She is in for a real treat, when she runs into the antics of the Grimbles.

Trick or Treat

The following year, I immediately planned a sequel, although this time it would bring Jordana Leigh into the spotlight. The result was an 18 minute romp that had her character lose her candy when visiting the Grimble house, and then lose her clothes piece by piece as she sought to get it all back. Another thread that is weaved through the Trick or Treat videos, was the use of J.S. Bach’s recognizable Toccata and Fugue in D minor for a running music soundtrack.

Trick or Treat II

In 2011, I was scheduled to work with Briella Jaden for the first time, and it happened to be just in time for Halloween. So we did a silly video involving some supernatural hijinx, where her clothes started to disappear from her body, without Briella noticing. To add to the suspense, her character was getting herself ready to leave for a party, and she in fact exits her apartment with nothing but a plastic pumpkin bucket. Although the majority of the story unfolds in the apartment location, the final scene does take place in a laundry facility.

The Haunted Closet

The third installment of the Trick or Treat series came about in 2012. In this version, the Grimble Gang are cast as friends of Monique at a party. After a few drinks and some coaxing, they convince the long-haired brunette to go outside trick or treating completely nude. This video has the distinction of being the first Halloween production to capture night time outdoor photography.

Trick or Treat III

By the end of 2013, I was working steadily with Danielle. So of course, when October rolled around, we had to make a special holiday video. The music and sound effects provided by Peanuth O’Toole really enhance this one, creating the right atmosphere. Also featuring Danielle’s friend Elena, this is the only Halloween storyline that features two models. The plot device of Danielle getting undressed to put her clothes in the wash interestingly marks the second time one of these videos involved a laundry scene.

Spirit of the Night

Finally, I was delighted to work with Jackie Stevens back in the Fall of 2014, and she makes a delicious big-bottomed witch trying to impress her local coven. After mixing some potions, things don’t exactly go as she planned, causing all her clothes to disappear except for her pointy hat. Jackie’s improvisation and treatment of the scenario is absolutely classic.

The Witching Hour


On a side note, I had skipped listing a video in 2010, but in fact I did shoot with Amy Starr at the end of October that year. The location was the same used as the first two Trick or Treat productions, and the story did involve her character’s perils. But arranged at the last minute, I did not give it the necessary consideration to make it a true Halloween themed event.


ENF fundraiser

The independent filmmakers at Notebook Entertainment are running an interesting fundraiser.

One of their friends and collaborators, Sue Cook, is in need of a service dog for health related issues. They are trying to raise $12,000. In order to reach this goal, the producers are offering incentives for donations.

Apparently one previous episode of their series FML was heavily censored as posted on youtube due to nudity from one of their actresses, Kristine. For a donation of one dollar, they will provide a link to the uncensored version, as long as the target goal is met. Notebook Entertainment will also offer an incentive for donations of five dollars or more. There was another short film they produced featuring Kristine, who is very cute. It is described as the following:

“In the episode she very happily dances around her living room buck naked when she’s caught off guard by the maintenance man working in the kitchen.”

It was never released before. But for donations of five dollars or more, and if they exceed the twelve thousand dollar fundraising goal, they will provide access to this video.

For further details, here is a link to the information on their website:


I just want to make sure I represent this properly. The content offered for one dollar or five dollar donations are only if they reach their overall target goal. It is a good cause, and again, I think the girl Kristine is pretty cute.

Best wishes to Sue and the folks at Notebook Entertainment.

Pictured in the screenshot below is Kristine.


Most Appearances

When I worked with Briella Jaden last month, it was the eleventh video we produced together.

That set a new record and breaks the tie she was in with Danielle for most appearances. I thought it would be fun to look back at the first time I worked with each of the top models.

As mentioned, Briella now is featured in eleven titles. But this goes back to 2011, for the special Halloween video “The Haunted Closet”. It was interesting to watch and notice how her hair was longer then. Of course there was a pause in the two of us scheduling shoots for about two and a half years. It is when we picked up again in 2015, that we started turning out a more consistent run, which led to her being the model I have worked with most.

Danielle’s first video was “Double Booked” and goes back to 2013. That year I worked with her six times, pretty much every other month we were doing something. Then a couple of more productions in the following years, to give Danielle a total of ten appearances.

Prior to either of these ladies, a familar face around here was Amy Starr. We started in April of 2010, as part of the production of “All or Nothing”, and knocked out four videos followed by three more the next year. Like Briella above, Amy and I would have a break in shooting until she came back in 2014. The two we would produce that year gave her a total of nine videos.

And of course, the very first break out star of Narrow-minded Productions, is none other than Sativa Verte. Her debut performance goes back to 2007, in the classic “The Wine Tasting”. We had a prolific year together. But like the other girls, a change of locations led to a pause in our work schedule. Sativa came back in 2012, and I was able to squeeze three more videos out of her, to give the ravishing brunette nine titles to her name.


July Video Shoot

Finally! I was able to capture some outdoor photography, taking advantage of a nice summer early evening. And good timing, too, as we had some stormy weather the day after.

Briella Jaden is as cute as ever, wearing her hair in a ponytail for this production. She also has a sporty look going on, in her shorts, top and sneakers, ready to go for a run.

Interestingly, we almost had scheduled something before the 4th of July holiday, but she was not able to make it out here until the end of the week. Nevertheless, we managed a fun shoot including scenes along trails in the woods.

Here are half a dozen photos to share. The video should be available in a couple of weeks.


Briella is like a shy forest nymph, nervous about being caught. How does she lose all her clothes?

Stay tuned!