Jackie Stevens

Today started out cold and miserable with snow, before turning to rain and finally clearing up. But I also met Jackie Stevens for the first time and had the wonderful opportunity to work with her. Jackie is an experienced and well-rounded model with good acting skills. She is very expressive and fun to photograph.

Because of the inclement weather and cold outside, I was limited once again to shooting in a less than thrilling location. However, I was determined to make the best of the situation. So I put together a story that would have our lead character start out using the gym facility. We would then progress to capture some exciting moments with prolonged bottomless nudity when Jackie is outside the room.

I was hoping to open with a jogging scene, but her exercises will have to be sufficient. In the video, Jackie will be featured in a couple of different outfits before she is completely bare. She spends most of the time with her full and luscious rear end bouncing around.

Jackie has appeared in the following videos:

Feels Like Floating

Birds of a Feather

The Witching Hour

Here are some photos from the shoot. I will begin working on the video this week.










I would like to introduce the lovely Danielle, a cute and fun brunette, who I worked with on a new video shoot today. She was teamed up with Sandra Reyes, who returns to play a bossy and assertive business woman annoyed at finding the hotel has booked her in the same room as Danielle. This results in Sandra trying to take matters into her own hands, while Danielle struggles to maintain an optimistic attitude, hoping to make the best out of their situation.

As always, it can be a challenge when I bring on a new model and then cast her in a role opposite someone she has never worked with before. I think both girls did a fine job for what they were asked to do in this video. Sandra probably gives the stronger acting performance, but then, she had the more dominant character. Poor Danielle had to play a more submissive in nature young lady, who must endure her clothes being taken, which leads up to greater embarrassment.

This was a scripted production, and the takes for each scene ran longer than I expected. The payoff at the end, I hope in the finished video, will be well worth it. Although I have to say, Sunday afternoon at this hotel was not the best time to shoot this kind of video. In addition, only one elevator was working, which happened to be right around the corner from our room. So there was some concern about other guests in the area. Nevertheless, both Danielle and Sandra get to spend time outside the room, without any clothes on.

The pictures below are kind of a tease. Working with two ladies and directing the shoot, I did not take as many still photos as I normally do. But I think these came out nice. Have I mentioned, Danielle is really cute? Although she has some tatoos, I was quite taken by her angelic face and wonderful legs. She brought a female friend along to the shoot, and although I did not get her to appear on screen, Danielle’s friend does have a speaking role to help add an extra character in the middle of the story.

Danielle appears in the following videos:

Double Booked

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

The Date

Higher Education

Spirit of the Night

Narrow-minded Productions Christmas 2013

Hope Springs Eternal

Broken Lease

Musical Thoughts

Twin Trouble





I couldn’t resist… I came across this image while I was reviewing the raw video. I have just started editing and putting this together.



Last Saturday was a cold, rainy wintery day with forecasts of snow, which it did by the evening. Nevertheless, I had a video shoot with a new model, a spicy Puerto Rican girl named Sandra. The significance of why I decided to work with her when she responded to my casting call is that she knows and has experience with Sativa Verte. She came highly recommended, and there was a built in trust and referral due to our mutual relationship. Now I won’t promise that Sandra is at the level of Sativa, however she is an engaging and outgoing young woman, as well as a lot of fun. I believe her performance will reflect this.

The location was the apartment of a friend, which I used once before in my video “Cheerleader”. Also, I appear on camera in the upcoming video, which I know nobody likes but there are two reasons I did so. First, there is no question the model will give a better acting performance when she has an actual person to respond to and play off. In addition, I know there are some people that find the embarrassment quality is enhanced when the woman loses her clothes in front of a man, rather than another woman. In fact, Sandra’s character had the occasion to be embarrassed by more than one.

Here are some pictures I took from the shoot. Editing of the video is moving along, and I should have the first release of 2013, hopefully pretty soon.

Sandra has appeared in the following videos:


Double Booked

Little Sister

Bare in the Park

Substitute Teacher Sandra Reyes Sandra Caught Sandra Nude Sandra Peeking Sandra Listen Sandra Bag Sandra Door Sandra Vacuum Sandra Pizza


This afternoon I had a fun video shoot with a new model named Monique. Have I mentioned that I am fond of women from a Mediterranean background? I love the Italian, Spanish and Latin ladies. Monique comes from a Greek family and I think she is quite incredible. She also is very intelligent, going to school right now for philosophy and linguistics, and has excellent communication skills.

She brings a charming combination of cute and sexy, while having a very sweet personality. Although comfortable with her nudity, Monique was able to fit the part of a shy and bashful young lady. While not used in this video, she does wear glasses and would be perfect as the “nerdy turned beauty” if you can picture that character type.

Monique appears in the following videos:

Late for Work

Trick or Treat III

This is a project that will be called “Late for Work”. It is about woman who is running behind schedule, and turns out to have a string of unfortunate events, which leaves her scampering around outside and through her building completely naked.

I think her acting was good. She is a little soft-spoken, but she had nice reactions to her embarrassing developments.

Look for Monique’s video early in the Fall.

Here are some photos I took with my still camera during the shoot.

Stay tuned!

Constance Perl

When I booked the office location for last month’s video shoot, I rented the space for two weeks. This allowed me the opportunity to set up another shoot immediately after working with Tara and Lydia.

Constance Perl is a new model who started contacting me earlier this year. As I had other projects on the table at the time, we were not able to put a schedule together. However, since I still had the office available in June, the two of us finally had a chance to coordinate.

I came up with an idea for a simple video about her as an intern, which I will be posting soon. This was our first time working together, and the story was pretty much a solo performance. But I thought Constance handled it well. I would even make a comparison to Jordana Leigh. For some reason, parts of the shoot reminded me of Holiday Hotline.

Constance herself is a slim young woman with long brunette hair. She has a tattoo band of Roman numerals around one arm. I never did get a chance to ask her about the significance of that. And she also has a heart and wings tattoo on her lower back, just above her bottom.

Constance as appeared in the following videos:

My College Intern

Here are a few still pictures I took during the shoot.

Stay tuned!

Briella Jaden

This young lady has the knack for contacting me just after I finish a video. Briella Jaden sent me a message in September of 2011, asking if I was interested in working together, right while I was in the middle of editing Cheerleader. She followed up with me again in January, as I was putting the finishing touches on Office Help. Both times, we were able to arrange our schedules and produce a video. Briella has appeared in these titles:

The Haunted Closet

First Day at a New School

After School Special

The Boss is Back

Do Not Disturb



Anything for a Raise

An Exchange of Gifts

Easter Bunny Apprentice

Roll of the Dice

Briella is a slim and pysically fit young woman with blonde-ish hair, which is something of a rarity for me. (The majority of models I work with are brunettes.) She has a small tattoo on her hip, and another tattoo of a flowing flower over the front of one foot. Now I have stated before, I am not a fan of tattoos on females. However, I think the placement on Briella is not too bad, and does not distract from her beauty. From behind, she is near flawless.

Our first shoot was a solo performance, a fun and silly Halloween-themed video. We hit it off very well, and she was very easy to work with. Briella has a sweet personality, and she does put a lot of enthusiasm into a project. I think her acting ability has room for improvement, and has led to some uneven performances. But when she does a scene well, she usually does it very well. I have always enjoyed watching her graceful figure in action.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with her in a setting where another model was involved.  In this case, an older lady who she has done shoots with before. My classroom-themed video put Briella in a position to play a more embarrassed character, but I did not give her many lines to deliver. I found out that she does have a genuine shyness about her, under certain circumstances, and hope to use that trait in future performances. I see her as a work in progress, almost like the study of a classical sculpture, being refined and discovering exciting new possibilities.

The link below is for the file of a short promotional clip I made with Briella in October, looking ahead to 2012.

Briella NMP

Kerri Taylor

Kerri has been gracing photographs and video for several years now. She is another stunningly gorgeous brunette, with a bit of an edge as well. I had first seen her posing for Dragon Fire photography, and later she was in Seph’s Pretty Pranks DVD. She also did a wonderful solo piece with DFP about agreeing to be part of a reality-based television program, only not realizing the cameras were rolling as she went about her daily household activities. I loved that one. She has been in many other videos from DFP Productions.

For the past year or so, Kerri and I have been trying to coordinate our schedules to do a video. But one thing or another always seemed to come up, or I would start working with a new model and not have the chance to follow up with her.

When I put out my casting call in March 2012, looking for a fit athletic brunette to play the dominating role as a foil to another more shy and embarrassed model, Kerri responded, and I knew she was perfect. In fact, I found myself thinking, “Why didn’t I contact her in the first place?” So finally, we were able to make it happen, and introduce Kerri in a Narrow-minded Productions video.

I have to say, she is just as beautiful in person as she is in still images and motion pictures. Furthermore, she really gets into the part she is playing. She took an interest in the script and showed great enthusiasm. Kerri, as the more experienced of the two, helped carry the production when I teamed her up with Aphrodite.

Below are some photos I took with Kerri. The last two are not from the video, but extras taken at the end of the shoot. In the video, her character does not take off her clothes. But having her on the set, I could not let slip an opportunity to film some bonus material. The middle picture is just pure class and elegance.