August Video Shoot

I spent Sunday afternoon at the beach with Jackie Stevens and we shot a new video.

This one should be interesting as the whole story takes place outdoors, without any interior scenes. Besides the beach front location, which is central to the premise, we found some other interesting backdrops to incorporate.

It was a crowded summer day, but I think we came up with something fun. This also marks the furthest I have driven out for a project, as I was meeting Jackie closer to her area. One of the things important to my productions is environmental storytelling, in other words developing ideas, characters or concepts based on the setting. When I am using a new location for the first time, one I am not familiar with, there is more improvisation. Jackie and I brainstormed once we were on the park grounds, and the result should be a pretty cute scenario.

She is wearing her hair up for this one, again because it was so warm, and she would end up getting wet.

Here are a half a dozen still photos taken over the course of the shoot.

Stay tuned!








August Update

Well that was interesting. So last week, someone posted part of one of my older videos up on a blog dedicated to embarrassed female nudity. I contacted the site administrators and was able to have credit added along with a link here. The result was a flood of visitors such has never been seen before.

On July 26, a new record was set for hits in a single day: 4,828


Of course with this surge of traffic, there was also a new record established for monthly views at 32,596 for the month of July.

Welcome to everyone who might be discovering these videos for the first time!

As for an update on my next production, Jackie Stevens has been asking me to come out to shoot in her area. We are looking to do something around the third week of this month. That will mean more fun and a new location to explore.

Stay tuned!


Hot Ironing

Every now and then when reviewing the analytics of this site, I come across an interesting link that referred traffic here. A while ago there was a blog about the subject of sexy ironing, which included one of my Amy Starr screencaps. That reminded me how over the years I have used the theme of a woman ironing her clothes either naked or partially dressed on a number of occasions. This is the link to the Hot Ironing website:

The first image of Amy of course comes from my video Maid to Order.



But I also had her do a scene with an ironing board back in 2011’s Legal Briefs. Later in the video, she returns to find her skirt has been hot melted to the board!

Amy Ironing


Sometimes, when a model has to dress up in a professional-looking blouse, she needs to do some quick ironing before the shoot. That is what Sandra was doing here before our Substitute Teacher production.


However, the very first occasion I explored this wonderful concept on video goes all the way back to 2007, when I worked with Sativa for the second time. Even better, there was no ironing board, she had to use a filing cabinet!



Independence Day 2016

To celebrate this 4th of July, I have an additional photo of Briella Jaden.


Also, I want to share the excellent song “Independence Day” by the beautiful Martina McBride.

Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing

Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning

Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong

Roll the stone away

Let the guilty pay

It’s Independence Day!

Outtakes Video – Reporterette

I have put together a 7 minute clip of outtakes from my video last month with Briella Jaden.

One thing I don’t think I mentioned was the sequence of the shoot. We actually started out going to the park first, in order to get all the outdoor scenes. Then on the way back to the room, I first recorded her using the stairs and approaching that back door. Finally we did the interior scenes from her preparing herself in front of the mirror and her eventual embarrassing return. The assembly of the finished video mixed these together.

The most fun outtakes I found, were when we moved into woods past the narrow bridge. In several places, I had dropped the sound because I was giving directions to Briella, but I wanted to keep the visual. Here I have the exchanges that took place between us. It also gives a hint of how nervous she was to be naked outside, very aware there were other people around in the park.

Another point where I dropped the sound from the camera and used filler music was back in the room when she was standing to face the wall. I was explaining what I wanted from her, but she looks so cute with her butt on display, wiggling and shifting that I decided to keep the lingering shot. Here in this clip, I include her comments about how she would play along.

Finally, the last two and a half minutes features a slow-motion feast of Briella naked on the bed. This is extra material we captured after the main video. I have drawn it out for those who wanted to enjoy more of the young lady. Sweet and sensual.

The music tracks provided by Peanuth O’Toole are his opening “News Room”, and the version with guitar played over the two ending title cards.

Below is the link to download the video file:

Outtakes – Reporterette






I have a new video featuring Briella Jaden.

Briella plays the part of a young reporter assigned to interview a famous sports figure at the local park. However, Briella’s character is a bit clueless about the field of sports and not well informed regarding her subject. But does that stop our little reporter? Heck, no! She wanders around the outdoor location searching for the mystery athlete, and loses her clothes in the process. Completely naked, she must return the studio bashfully and face the consequences from her news director.

For this production, I used the public park location from 2013’s Bare in the Park. It worked out this way because it is close by to the room I had booked for the indoor segments. When I had shot here almost three years ago, it was on a Sunday afternoon in July, and almost seemed like we had the place to ourselves with only a couple of interruptions. But this time, on a mid-June Wednesday evening, it felt like there were more people around. On a side note, Briella is not as natural an exhibitionist as some of my other models, and gets nervous about being caught naked. This is fun, though, and leads to a more authentic sense of anxiety.

The scene by the playground was meant to include an initial moment where her dress comes off, probably coming down the slide. But as we were about to make the attempt, a family pulled up in their car. Briella and I would return to this spot several times during the shoot, but they never left. Had I been able to capture this, it would have provided an earlier occurrence of nudity and I could have stretched another minute or two out of the video.

So instead, there is a longer build up until we finally find more privacy in the woods, where she can lose her dress and go totally nude. However, in the earlier scenes outside, Briella does engage in a little playful flashing. This is something rare for me, as I do not often focus on partial nakedness, rather showing all or nothing. I think it works here, and fits the personality of our blonde reporter babe who doesn’t take things very seriously.

This is also the first time I have had Briella put her hair up, and I quiet enjoy her in a ponytail.

For the music, Peanuth O’Toole provided three versions of a track playing off the theme of a news station. Leading with “News Room” this is the sort of running tense music that might accompany a breaking news alert. There is also a variation used for filler, and finally the end credits have the “News Room” track with a layer of guitar added.

The full video stretches over 16 minutes and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.







Mid-June Video Shoot

It was only a matter before I had the energetic Briella Jaden in front of the camera again. Back in my March update, I mentioned that we were planning to shoot a third straight video. But her travel plans changed, and we were not able to coordinate our schedules.

However, she was in town this week, and taking advantage of the warm summer-like weather, we worked on a new upcoming production. This will be a funny little story, focusing more on the embarrassment of Briella’s character. We were able to capture some nice outdoor nudity.

She also puts her hair up for this one, and I think she looks quite cute. In fact, I always enjoy when the girls can showcase a different hairstyle, to bring a bit of variety.

I will post more about the video in the next week or so. For now, here are a half dozen pictures to tease.








Stay tuned!