Poll: 2016 Video of the Year

It is time to select the Video of the Year for 2016. Below are the productions that were released over the past twelve months. Briella Jaden and Jackie Stevens both appeared in multiple titles, so it will be interesting to analyze the vote breakdown. Again, I encourage people to vote for the actual video they most enjoyed, not just their favorite model. But of course, you can use whatever criteria you wish.

I will keep the poll open until the end of December.

Have fun!


2016 Year in Review

Here is rundown of the videos produced this past year. Tomorrow I will post a poll inviting everyone to vote on their favorite!

  1. Do Not Disturb

Briella Jaden returns home late from a New Year’s party, and just wants to get some sleep. Before she realizes it is the next morning, and she is awakened multiple times by solicitors knocking at the door. However the young lady had chosen only a short skimpy top to sleep in leaving her unwittingly exposed when she greets these visitors.


2. Anthology

This video features a series of short segments or vignettes with Briella Jaden. First she undresses for a shower only to have some trouble with a towel. Then she finds herself as an embarrassed secretary. An umbrella also causes her frustration before the final episode where she is tickled by a toothbrush over her completely naked body.


3. High Voltage

Jackie Stevens returns to play the part of a clueless homeowner that has a faulty electric meter. When the electrician takes her around outside, she ends up losing her towel and is kept in the nude despite her protesting. He even brings her to the beach along the way to the hardware store.


4. Reporterette

Briella Jaden is an inexperienced reporter given an assignment to interview a sports figure at the local park. She does not know who the athlete is, or even what sport he plays. But while roaming around the park trails, she gets her dress caught and loses all her clothes. Thus she makes a humiliating return to her editor at the news studio.


5. Making Waves

A summer time classic with Jackie Stevens. The big-bottomed young lady plans a day at the beach, arriving in only her bikini. While frolicking in the waves, though, Jackie loses her swimsuit, both the top and bottoms. She then has to sneak off the beach and through the park grounds to get back to her car, hoping not to get caught by a park ranger.


6. Anything for a Raise

When shy wife Briella’s husband asks her to help him get a raise, she arranges a meeting with his boss and cooks him dinner in attempt to make a convincing argument. However, it is going to take a little bit more effort, and Briella finds herself stripping reluctantly until she is totally bare. The boss gives her a ride home, and everyone gets a happy ending.



Happy Thanksgiving!

On this special day we have many things to be thankful for.

Including beautiful girls with plump bottoms.

A couple of years ago, I shared an image of Aphrodite laying on this floral print sofa looking succulent in all her curves. I decided to continue that tradition by serving up a couple of views from the delicious Jackie Stevens.





Quote of the Day

“Lose something, darling? Sit your sweet ass down.”

~ Bananas Grimble in Trick or Treat 2


Since I did not post a video for this past Halloween, I decided to revisit the production from 2009, featuring Jordana Leigh. Here, Jordan has entered the house of the Grimble Gang only to have her trick-or-treat pumpkin basket vanish, as well as her clothes bit by bit when she goes searching for her candy.

In this scene, Jordana approaches the boss of the gang, Bananas, finding him at the dining table. Here she is rebuked by the loveable character but he also gives her a clue to the next part of tracking down her Halloween booty. Of course, before she heads upstairs on the cream colored carpet, he makes Jordana take off her shoes.

I always thought Jordana looks ravishing in this stage of undress from her costume. Love the white blouse tied high to reveal her tummy and tiny red thong.






Back in America

A while ago, I was watching the National Lampoon Chevy Chase comedy “European Vacaction”. The end credits feature a wonderful track by the obscure rock band Network (they sound a lot like Journey). It features a nice running slide show of images representative of 1980’s Americana.


Outtakes Video: Anything for a Raise

There was a special occasion this past week. October 3 was the anniversary of the first time I worked with Briella Jaden, back in 2011.

I was able to put together a four minute clip of outtakes from my most recent video with the lovely young lady.

When I started to come up with an idea for this production, knowing the location we would be using, I tried to think of a story that would involve an embarrassing strip. It would be logical to make Briella the employer seeking a raise for herself, and she takes off her clothes in the attempt to persuade her boss. But I wanted to do something different. Briella has played a lot of characters, from student to secretary to hapless reporter. However, she has never been a wife. This aspect allowed for the additional wrinkle of her husband putting her up to this, and adds and extra dimension to her character.

When we started the opening scene, Briella was improvising and naturally acted like she was preparing dinner for the boss invited to her home. This take was not used, because in fact I needed her to be at the home of the boss in order for the story to work. Also, the meal was already finished, sort of leading into the moment of now let’s get down to business.

There was another part, where she was doing a great job justifying the reasons for giving her husband a raise. Until she hit a mental block. It’s funny, because I knew exactly what she was thinking but she just failed to articulate the word until I gave her a nudge.

After that, she was off and running. Most of this clip is me providing direction or lines for Briella. Her delivery was perfect so there were not many slip ups or need to reshoot a scene. The part when she first gets back in the car is fun, as she talks about being both nervous and enjoying the outside nudity.

The music used at the beginning and end of these outtakes is from Peanuth O’Toole’s very cool track called “Nude Little Wife”. The video file can be downloaded at the link below:

Outtakes – Anything for a Raise





Anything for a Raise

Briella Jaden is a shy and supportive wife who visits the boss of her husband, in order to try to get him a raise. Trying her best to be persuasive, she cooks dinner and even does the dishes. But when Mr. Grimble does not agree to a raise, Briella has a private phone conversation with the husband and drastic measures are called for. What results is a slow reluctant strip, until she is fully nude and then given a ride home. But will she succeed in securing an increase in pay?

The concept behind this video is something new that I have wanted to explore. It is the idea of a man showing off his wife to other men. In case it is not clear from the description above, the plan for Briella to take off her clothes actually comes from her husband over the phone. But the embarrassment of Briella’s character goes no further than that. And for film inspiration, look no further than the 1971 Italian comedy “Il Merlo Maschio” (Secret Fantasy) starring Laura Antonelli.

I really enjoyed Briella’s eyes and expressions in this production. A subtle thing to look for, watch how she squirms and will sometimes look away in frustration, but then turn her head to face the off screen boss with a nervous smile. I thought she played the part of a bashful woman stripping perfectly under the story’s circumstances. Keep in mind her motivation. Her character is doing this to get her husband a raise, so she does so willingly, but is no less mortified.

Of course, you will have to watch to see how it all works out in the end.

As I mentioned when I posted the photos, I would have liked to get more video of her outside at night. But it was a little chilly, and Briella is genuinely anxious about being seen in public. She warms up to it after a while, so I hope to one day do a more extended outdoor scene. The car ride with her in the passenger seat was fun, anyway.

Music for this production is provided by the esteemed Peanuth O’Toole with a track appropriately named “Nude Little Wife”. It has a laid-back, but seductive vibe in a 90’s rock style. It runs about halfway at the start of the video, and then picks up again during a segment of Briella’s slow strip tease. I also use the music over the end credits.

Running about 20 minutes, the first part is a little longer at just under 11 minutes, and is more drawn out with setting up the story and character development, leading up to Briella’s undressing. Both parts are available at my clips4sale store.