Towel Girls

Who doesn’t love a beautiful girl wearing only a towel? Especially away from home, when that sense of vulnerability sets in, knowing she has nothing on underneath. Of course she is covered, but just barely. And the slightest accident or if she is not careful where she is going, the damsel might lose her only shield of modesty.

In reviewing my productions, I came across six noteworthy scenes where I had the young lady wrapped in a towel. It was interesting to find that I used this as a prop in my earliest videos. But then I did not go back to such a scenario until 2012 with Monique. To my recollection, it seems I never had Sativa or Amy Starr in a towel, despite appearing in almost 20 videos between the two of them.

The fun part in each of these stories, naturally, is that the towels do not stay on. In poor Suzann’s case, it wasn’t very long before it dropped to the floor.

Time to revisit this theme again?








Briella’s Bottom

Continuing my series of never-before posted screenshots, I have always enjoyed working with Briella Jaden. From the first video we worked on, she immediately was a lot of fun and was comfortable with our interactions. By the time we had finished our third project, After School Special, she was more than a little playful.

We actually considered adding a scene where she would be spanked by the principal. But I decided that I did not have the right look or proper setting to pull it off. This is also an illustration why I don’t like to stage myself in productions, because it is difficult to frame a scene and capture what I want when I’m not behind camera.

However, these stills make a nice tease, and I thought it was time to share.





Mid-February Update

As some of you may know, I have had a Dailymotion channel for about seven or eight years now. I would upload my outtakes videos or small promotion clips on that channel. I had over 50 videos added to my account and over 6 million views during this time.

So there I was, minding my own business this week, not bothering anyone. And then I find out that Dailymotion has decided to reverse their policy about allowing nudity on the site. All my videos were removed, and my account has been disabled.

Seven years, 50 videos, 6 million views. Deleted by a push of a button. I should add, without warning or any prior notification once they had been approved.

Now this is not a surprise, as I have had ongoing arguments with Dailymotion moderators in the past. More recently, I have had my content rejected only to be allowed to re-upload after making some adjustments. My last clip of Jackie naked in my house, I needed to pixelate a few seconds where she turns around, and gives a full frontal view. Bear in mind, this is in the context of Dailymotion always permitting nudity. However, some moderators have been given reign to arbitrarily select content they find objection to, and block it. (I can share e-mail correspondences I’ve had, lest anyone get the wrong impression. These moderators are all female, foreigners, some with Islamic sounding names.) Now they are engaged in a full purge.

Make no mistake, this is harmful to Narrow-minded Productions. I watch tracking statistics closely, both on this blog and my clips4sale store. A large number of traffic has always been driven to the store through the videos I posted on Dailymotion. They in turn are able to tack on advertising to the content we producers provide. But that is no more.

I’ll soldier on of course, and find other venues to promote my work. As a concluding response to Dailymotion, I’m reminded of that great quote from the film 300, about facing free men here, not slaves.

In the meantime, there is this to share about the blog in January.

We achieved another new milestone with 21,519 views. I think that accounts for the announcement of the Video of the Year at the beginning of the month, and finishing with the video shoot featuring Danielle.

I have been in contact with Sandra and reached out to Jackie as well. For my next video, I would like to team them up. We will have to see for now, depending on a variety of factors.

Thanks again, to everyone who has shown an interest in and enjoyed these productions.

Stay tuned!


Danielle Bonus Video

I wanted to do something special for the Super Bowl last week. But since I just released my latest video the day before, the timing didn’t quite work in my favor. So instead, I have combined an extra video clip with Danielle and a bit of outtakes from the full production. After the first two and a half minutes of deleted content or moments between takes, I then share some time spent with Danielle wearing only a football jersey.

During the shoot, I also took an additional three photographs when she was bottomless like this, and have posted these below.

The bonus clip runs approximately seven and a half minutes and can be downloaded here.

Danielle Bonus Video





Musical Thoughts

Danielle plays a college student struggling with her Music History course, which is one she needs in order to graduate. Seeking the help of a tutor, he comes up with an unorthodox method of motivating the cute but nerdy brunette. She is given a practice exam, and for every wrong answer, Danielle must remove a piece of clothing. What will happen when she doesn’t fare too well!

The format of this video has her character interacting directly toward the camera, opposite a silent protagonist who does not appear on screen, except for a few places reaching across toward her. I use this term, because any person who comes up with a creative game to get Danielle out of her clothes must be a hero. The reason I did not put myself on camera is because for the story, I wanted the illusion of another college guy who she is studying with. I felt I would come off more as a professor, rather than one of Danielle’s peers, which is also why I did not voice the part either.

This idea borrows from how I worked the beginning of The Date, where Danielle plays to some lucky fellow off screen, allowing the viewer to project themselves into that role. However, I also think the dialogue reminds me a little of Holiday Hotline, since it is essentially a one-sided conversation, with some lines echoed to maintain the thread of the narrative. This is not without its challenges, but it was worth it to have Danielle engaged in the story, instead of a strictly solo production.

For those who enjoy a gradual removal of clothing, this one will deliver in that department. At least, more so than some of the videos from last year. Once again, the tradeoff is that Danielle’s nudity does not come until the second half. I hope it is worth the wait! I actually liked the back and forth banter between the characters, and building through the slow reveal. This has some of her best improvisation.

As mentioned previously, a central stylistic point is putting Danielle in glasses. She looks adorable in my estimation, and between takes when she raised them to her forehead, the glasses had the cutest habit of falling back on her nose. Visually, the room we used certainly had a lot of brown color, from the walls to the sofa seats. If one considers such artistic palettes, it gives the overall production a warm sepia tone.

Music plays an important part of this story, naturally, and Peanuth O’Toole does not disappoint. His main piano theme is bluntly called Beethoven! This is the subject of the music test. Because the question and answer contest (with her clothing on the line) has a game-show feel to it, there is a variation with a twist using a familiar melody. Peanuth also provided different selections of orchestral instruments and themes, which were worked in between moments here and there, sometimes quite clever.

The full video runs approximately 17 minutes and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.




First Video Shoot of 2015

After being in contact with Danielle over the past couple of months, I promised I would shoot with her next. We arranged to work together today on an idea I had for a fun video. The drawback of course is that it is cold outside, and limited the use of a good location. I had wanted to keep it convenient and find a place near Danielle, but did not want to use her house again.

So I was stuck in a hotel room with Danielle.

Well, we did get to sneak out into the hallway a bit, which has become something of an expectation when I have to do something like this.

I also wanted to come up with a creative twist to at least distinguish the video in a small way. We have all seen Danielle naked. But you’ve never seen her naked… with glasses! As a matter of fact, this is a look I’m quite fond of, and I am surprised how rare of an opportunity it’s been to get a model in spectacles. Or in the case of girls who do naturally wear glasses, I did not take advantage of previously. Anyway, I cast her in the part of a “chic geek”, that is a trendy nerd, who is nevertheless cute and sexy.

I will post more about the scenario when I finish the video. For now, here are some photographs to enjoy. I have another batch of photos I took in addition to these, which I will be posting for an upcoming special event. So make sure to stay tuned.

On a side note, we are preparing to work on a production with her sister, Allie. I explained to Danielle for such an occasion, I want to wait until the warmer weather, and a location where we can really have a lot of fun. Until then…








Grimble U

Bananas, the eccentric leader of the notorious Grimble Gang, recently discussed plans for the founding of a new college.

When asked by members of the media if he would be seeking public funding for this venture, the sunglasses wearing monkey scoffed.

“This ain’t Russia, toots,” he told the female reporter. “Grimble University will operate through private tuition. Women can attend for free, of course. However they are not allowed to wear any clothes.”

It would look something like this…



Bananas, President of Grimble University.