Beach Bottom

Looking back at the summer of 2016, today we feature Jackie Stevens in an entertaining scene after she has lost her bikini in the water. Dismayed at the prospect of having to walk past everyone on the crowded beach, her character nevertheless knows she must get back to her car. Not much more of an explanation needed, as this is such a classic scenario.

Jackie’s reactions here are perfect and in the full video, enhanced by her fretting over the situation and her misfortune. It was a lot of fun to shoot this with her, we had a great location to work from. And I think Jackie looks really cute.


Liberty is Essential

In the United States on Memorial Day, we recognize and honor the men and women who lost their lives in service of their country, fighting for and defending our freedom. They died so that we could have the opportunity to live free.

They did not die so that local governments could force private businesses to shut down and destroy the economy.

They did not die so that unelected health officials could deny people their First Amendment rights of free speech, faith and assembly.

They did not die so that healthy Americans could be ordered to stay at home and wear a mask.

The idea of state bureaucrats labeling one group of people as “essential” and everyone else as non-essential is ludicrous, and evil. Yes, it is. But on Memorial Day we celebrate the real heroes, who throughout this nation’s history, stood up to tyranny.

A Memorable Walk

This is one of my all time favorite scenes I produced and directed, featuring Amy Starr walking outside onto the Brooklyn sidewalk on Memorial Day, 2014. It was unpredictable and exciting. What is notable is that we did not bring any covering for her. The further Amy went, the more risky it was for photography. And I remember being amazed about how bold she was, how far she moved around the street corner. Beautiful and bold.

The context of the scene is that Amy’s character was a young author at her studio loft and had writer’s block. Being alone, and seeking some kind of adventure to get her creativity flowing, she decides to take off her clothes and push herself to try more daring escapades. A wonderful way to make a memory that she will never forget.



I wanted to put the spotlight again on the magnificent Sativa Verte. This is a classic scene demonstrating her performance skills and awareness of positioning. The action takes place right after her character has been locked out of a bathroom when she was getting ready to shower. She then sneaks around until she hears some voices coming from upstairs. Sativa stops just in time, with a spotlight strategically placed to provide a little modesty.

The follow up sequence of her character sweeping with a broom was her attempt to avoid anyone from finding her downstairs by claiming she was only housekeeping.


Jackie Returns from the Forest

Another outdoor clip, this one features Jackie Stevens sneaking through a nature preserve, trying to make her way back home after some wardrobe malfunctions that left her without any clothes. The fun part is watching the cars go by in the background, as her character nervously frets about being caught. However, she does return safe and sound, flopping down on her bed in relief.

Jackie was always wonderful to work with, and this is one more outstanding well-rounded performance from her.


How Can You Be in Charge?

The first week of May is the anniversary of filming the principle photography of “Babysitting Without a Net” in Long Island, New York. We would shoot the final classroom scene in Los Angeles, a few weeks later. To celebrate this event, I am sharing a clip from an iconic scene where Laura-Ann first loses her clothes to Amy and Louise.

The famous line quipped by Louise resonates loudly, even today, “How can you be in charge? You lost all your clothes.”

Followed by Amy’s own direction for Laura-Ann to “do as you’re told”, and giving her a playful slap on the bottom.


Spring Cleaning

I wanted to add one more sample clip featuring Amy Starr this month. We worked on this video at the very end of April in 2011. Interestingly, it would be our last project together until she came back to town for two more shoots in 2014.

Here, we have a comical scene of Amy getting her flimsy shirt stuck in the suction of the vacuum cleaner, and pulled right off. Later, someone arrives at the house after her character has lost the rest of her clothes. In desperation, she makes a quick break for the side door and runs around out back.