Quote of the Day

“I’m being chased through the woods by a bear. This day can’t get any worse.”

~Monique from Late for Work

In reviewing this video again, I find that Monique did not add much in way of improvising or ad-libbing dialogue. But when it came time to deliver this particular line, her tone was wonderfully dry and sarcastic, expressing an amused sense of disbelief. She conveys the absurdity of the situation, having run into a patch of woods losing all her clothes in the process. And on top of that, apparently the sounds of a forest carnivore are on her heels. Rather than react with terror, this is played up for the comedic effect.



R.I.P. Roddy Piper

When I arrived home last Friday night, I was saddened to learn of the passing of professional wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. My initial instinct was to make a quick tribute post. But at the same time, I knew I would be sharing the recent outtakes video in the morning, and thought it inappropriate to write an off-topic article only to have it bumped down so soon. I was also grasping for words, to properly express this loss.

Growing up in the 1980’s, in New York, there was always baseball and arcade video games. There was of course the T&A naughty movies like Porky’s and Private School, watching Benny Hill late night on channel 9. And there was professional wrestling.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper played a larger than life character. He was a counter-culture iconoclast in every sense of the word. When the world was cheering Mr. Popularity Hulk Hogan, Piper mocked him. When the WWF was revolutionizing the sports entertainment industry with its Rock and Wrestling connection, Piper was right there boldly calling MTV “music to vomit by!” Always politically incorrect, Piper spoke his mind both in the theatre of wrestling and even as it expanded into the mainstream conscious.

I dug up some footage from the Saturday Night’s Main Event program that aired in 1987. This was just before Wrestlemania III, and a tribute was made for Piper, as his character was heading into a retirement match. Given the reality of his now passing, this video tribute is more compelling than anything else I have found. Set to the music of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”, here is a fitting farewell to a legendary showman and athlete.

Outtakes Video: Twin Trouble

I have put together some outtakes from my video with Danielle and her sister Ali. The highlight, in my opinion, is catching the girls cracking up with laughter after Danielle was seen going for her naked streak. Although in this segment, she is covered again in her black t-shirt and Hello Kitty panties, she is really cute and shows a natural reaction to the episode.

There really were not too many noteworthy moments during the earlier part of the shoot, aside from Danielle swinging and missing a few times before almost hitting the camera on her second hit. In fact, the scene in the bedroom when she first changes into the humiliating clothes went pretty straight forward.

At the end of this clip, I had the camera running while Danielle is standing around in the nude. This led to her approaching the bedroom door and meekly (as it comes across) asking for some clothes. I included that brief interaction as part of the end credits of the full video. Here, it is drawn out more.

The music again is provided by Peanuth O’Toole, his synthesizer track called “Stunt Double”.

Running time of the outtakes video is 4 minutes and can be downloaded at the link below:

Outtakes – Twin Trouble





Twin Trouble

Danielle and Ali are sisters with a history of teasing one another and engaging in sibling rivalry. In this video, Ali challenges her twin’s athletic ability and proposes she can make her swing and miss the ball with her bat three times. If Ali can strike out her sister, then Danielle must do whatever she says. Of course, things do not go as Danielle had hoped, and consequences are paid.

As I mentioned previously, this production now marks the tenth time Danielle as appeared in a video. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that record-breaking distinction.

I also want to make a reference to the previous “Little Sister” video I produced with Sandra and Maya in 2013. While the two of them played their respective parts very well, and visually were a good match, I absolutely love the authenticity that Danielle and Ali bring, being actual sisters.

In the opening establishing scene, it will be noticed that the sky appears to be showing signs of clearing up. Unfortunately, throughout the day, things took a turn for the worse. We were able to shoot the first part of Danielle and Ali verbally sparring. And then it started to rain lightly. So we moved into the house, with the intention of shooting the later indoor scene. But just like that, the rain stopped. So we went back out and proceeded to shoot Ali pitching to Danielle.

It was after we did the bedroom scene and were discussing how to shoot the next stage that would involve public nudity, when the thunder rolled in and the skies opened up. So we waited, and waited a little bit more. Finally, the three of us decided to head out in the rain and wait someplace else. We drove around the park that we would end up using and prepared to carry on with the shoot. While it is true that the length of the video was compromised because of the weather, and other circumstances, I do think Danielle looks really hot running around wet and naked!

The music for this production was provided by Peanuth O’Toole. He titled the track “Stunt Double”, which is featured at the beginning as well as the end credits. It has an electronic, 80’s style synthesizer vibe going on. I also reprised Peanuth’s baseball theme during Ali’s decisive pitch to Danielle. For those who remember, this was originally part of Danielle’s “Higher Education” video, so I liked the thread of continuity. Of course, I also broke out the guitar riff I have used before that signifies when a girl is about to get the advantage over another. Here, it heralds Ali’s first onscreen appearance.

Running over 13 minutes, I split the video into two parts. The break occurs because of narrative reasons, ending just as the girls are about to leave the house. In fact I was pleased with the pacing of the first half, the build-up and dynamic between the two sisters, which is central to the story. If I could have squeezed out another 3 minutes at the park for the second half, it would have been perfect. However, to capture three useable minutes on camera can feel like an eternity. And when Danielle was caught naked by someone at one of the buildings she was running toward, we decided to head back home. Not to mention the rain. It really was pouring down.

Her amusing reaction afterward will be showcased in the outtakes clip.

The full video is available at my clips4sale store.




Danielle and Ali

Today I had my video shoot with Danielle, working with her sister Ali for the first time in a production. We missed some excellent, beautiful weather by one day. Instead it was overcast early this morning, and then we had to put up with thunderstorms interrupting our scenes. But we managed to muddle through to put together what should be a fun little summertime story.

When I met the girls outside the location, I was immediately struck by the resemblance of the twins in their facial features. You can tell they are definitely sisters, a relationship that is the underlying theme this narrative. Ali was happy to play the part of the dominating sibling, and I enjoyed having her as part of this project. Obviously the two were comfortable performing with one another. That made for a pretty easy time in directing their actions.

Now the latter half of the video does move to a larger, public park setting. It’s a beautiful spot near the water and has many sports attractions. Unfortunately, this is also where we had some of the most difficulty braving the rain. So while I was unable to take still photos with my camera, we did capture some exciting bits. Of note, Danielle was spotted running completely naked between buildings. If the weather had cooperated, we would have certainly explored further. This location has a lot of untapped potential, and we plan to return at a later date.

For now, here are some photos to tease, which only scratch the surface of what to expect in the finished video.







Upcoming Video

Hey everyone,

I am scheduled to shoot with Danielle and her sister Ali on tomorrow, Saturday. The resulting production will be the 10th video to feature Danielle. That puts her in some elite company with Amy Starr and Sativa Verte, among models I have had the pleasure to work with over and over again.

The last time she made an appearance was earlier this year. But if anyone needs a refresher while looking forward to the new content, a complete run down of her performances can be found here:


I also wanted to say that I have given much consideration to the post I made last month about discontinuing temporary free videos.  After I made the announcement, I was flooded that weekend with e-mails of support, messages from people who have appreciated my work since the beginning, going on ten years. Needless to say, I was deeply moved. And it was not just words of support, but there was also a spike in sales, showing that many folks are still interested in purchasing these videos whether they are initially free or not.

For these reasons, I have decided that my next release, the one with Danielle and Ali, will follow the same distribution as before. Links to download the video files will be available for one week, until I put them on my store. Now I cannot promise that I won’t revisit going directly to the store in the future. A lot will depend on economic realities. But for the time being, I think I can manage to stay the course.

I will follow up with photos after tomorrow’s shoot.

Stay tuned!

Amy Starr losing at Strip Poker

When I posted earlier about some of the preview clips I have made over the years, one of the examples that came up was with Amy Starr from the video Lunch Lady. In the story, Amy’s character is involved in a strip poker game with her neighbor Tammy played by Jade Indica. It should be no surprise that Amy loses, and pretty badly. The game of strip poker was not the point of the production, but a premise for tricking her character out of all her clothes.

Here I prepared a short clip the shows the final moment of the game, and Jade’s character’s winning hand. Complete with some voices edited in to simulate the idea that there were other people at the table, this is a taste of Amy’s bashful body language and frustrated expressions as she realizes defeat.

Running just 44 seconds, the sample scene was intended to be viewed on free video sharing sites. However, now the video file can only be downloaded at the link below. Originally put together in 2011, hopefully this will be new for some people.

Amy Starr – Strip Poker