The Little Lost Mermaid

This is another video I produced with Sativa Verte in March of 2008. It was shot on the same day, after we finished Salad Au Natural.

It was my intention to take a less scripted and experimental approach with this one. After doing three stripping videos with Sativa, in this one I wanted to have her completely naked from start to finish. The idea would be that she was just about to get into the shower, when she realized there were no towels. Bashfully, Sativa crept out of the bathroom, only to have the door close and lock behind her! Some improvised embarrassed scampering follows.

Another thing I set out to incorporate was some hidden nudity whenever I could. Of course, Sativa shows everything, so it was not my goal to keep her absolutely hidden the whole time. Just some fun moments when she passed in front of an object, or held items to cover herself. Obviously, she was playing up the part that she was lost (presumably at a hotel or lodge or something, I’ve used this location to fake that concept a few times) and looking for an escape or some clothes. Again, it is not that tightly scripted.

One of the early comments made on this video is that Sativa seemed to exaggerate her reactions. It was rightly pointed out, that this video was done “silent film” style with a full music soundtrack and no spoken lines. As such, it was understandable that the actress would convey her emotions with physical gestures and facial expressions, much as Charlie Chaplin would.

On that subject, this would also be the last time I used a silent film style approach to my videos. This method had the advantage that I was able to block out all the background noise, including moving around behind the camera and the tripod. However, more and more, it was clear that people enjoyed hearing Sativa deliver her own lines and give a real acting performance. As it was, in this video, she once again displays her talent for physical comedy.

I had Sativa put her hair up, tied back, for The Little Lost Mermaid and I thought she looked adorable. She also surprised me at the end, when we were shooting the scene by the pool, and she jumps into the water! I’ve mentioned, this was a chilly day in March, although it was heated inside. But still, I did not expect her to go for a swim. Sativa was always spontaneous like that and good at coming up with clever ideas. It was the conclusion of the video with her in the water that led me to use the Mermaid in the title.

The full video is just about 11 minutes and the music I used was from J.S. Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 1. It is available at my Clips4Sale store.

Below is a link to download the first part of the video. About 2 minutes 40 seconds, it includes the classic scene of the door closing behind Sativa and her reaction.

The Little Lost Mermaid – Part 1


8 responses to “The Little Lost Mermaid

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  2. Excellent pool photo and nice haircut.

    Her silent films were good and the two of you made such excellent use of props/cover!

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  5. What is that location? You used it for Mindy at the Gym, Office Help, Birds of a Feather, and the Perils of Sleepwalking. What is it exactly?

  6. I’ll tell you one thing, that’s a hell of a house. I love how that you set it up like it’s a hotel. You should go back there sometime with some old models.

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