Amy Starr

I first started to work with Amy Starr in 2010, when I joined her with Jordana Leigh for a game-show themed production. Over the next year, I would shoot a total of seven videos with Amy. These titles include the following.

All or Nothing

Endless Summer


The Perils of Sleepwalking

Legal Briefs

Lunch Lady

Cleaning Day

And starting again in 2014

Maid to Order

Making a Memory

Amy herself is a stunning brunette, and a very bright young woman. Naturally mild and down to earth, her performances in embarrassing situations have sometimes been more subdued than other more outgoing models I’ve worked with. In many of the videos I’ve put together with Amy, her character finds herself losing her clothes and then getting locked out. Amy often plays the part expressing frustration or even annoyance at her circumstances. I think she made it work in her own style, and provides a nice balance to a more outrageous comedy. She is always fun to watch!

When it comes time for Amy to strike a nervous or embarrassed pose, she usually nails it perfectly.

I have a preview clip from the video “Endless Summer”, which can be downloaded at the link below. This is a sample of how Amy acts when she discovered her covering was stolen, and she is locked outside.

Endless Summer Preview Clip 

12 responses to “Amy Starr

  1. I loved Amy’s enf style, as you say it may have been different but it worked so well for her and I hope we see her again. Always loved the duck photo

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